What Is The Puppy Dog Close?

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What Is The Puppy Dog Close?

A famous example of an ‘old-school sales closing’ method, is something in the sales world known as a puppy dog close.


So; what is a puppy dog close, and how do you use it?


And does the puppy dog close still work?


In this article, we’ll detail where it got its name from, and how you can use the technique in a modern setting.



What Is The Puppy Dog Close?



The puppy dog close is a name given to a type of sales closing technique, based on a story in which gives this closing tactic some context.


Imagine you’re in a pet store with your kids.


While looking at puppies, your kids see one in particular that they think is cute – he has cute little beady eyes, small cute little paws and has a bark that’ll melt even the coldest of hearts.


As your kids are asking you to buy it – a Salesperson tells you the price that leaves you a little stunned.


Then you start thinking about the other associated costs.


How much will it cost to feed it?


What about flea treatment and pet insurance?


And of course – what happens if the kids get bored and you have to end up looking after everything?


The Salesperson then gives you ‘an idea’.


“Why don’t you take the puppy home for a week and see how you go?”


“If you’re not happy with the puppy in a week’s time; simply bring the puppy back and we’ll give you a full refund.”


This is why it’s called a puppy dog close.


After a week – once the puppy is settled in, your kids become attached and pictures have been shared all across social media – what’s the real likelihood of you returning the puppy?


Very unlikely.



How To Use The Puppy Dog Close In A Modern Setting



Although giving away puppies on a free trial will most probably be frowned upon today; the puppy dog close can still be and still is used in a modern setting.


One example is home furniture.


A large TV?


Perhaps a new improved couch?


Once people get used to owning it; how would they go back to what they had before?


Other examples you’ve probably seen are with memberships.


30-day free gym memberships come to mind.


Exclusive membership clubs also use this method, because once someone is used to their new and improved lifestyle by being a part of this exclusive club, it’s hard to retract and cancel.


Money back guarantees are also a modern way of using a puppy dog close.


People try something with little to no risk – and have the option of returning or cancelling if they’re not satisfied.


If the product or service is better then what people paid for it – then the likelihood of people returning it is low.


It’s a win- win.


The business wins because they remove risk and sales resistance.


The customer is happy because they have the opportunity to return or cancel it if they’re not happy.


Although the phrase ‘puppy dog close’ may not be so verbally used anymore – we still see the same technique being used around us each and every single day.


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Final Thoughts



Can the puppy dog close work for you in your business?


Have you got a product or service that you can potentially give to your customers on a trial basis?


Do you have a money back guarantee in place? By doing so – it’ll only increase your sales conversion rate.


Think of ways in which you can use the puppy dog close for your products or services, because once people try something and are happy with it – they’ll most likely keep it.



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