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How To Use The Alternate Choice Close

The alternate choice close is a popular sales closing technique, because put simply – when used correctly it works!


It doesn’t matter if you’re working in retail selling low to medium priced products or selling high ticket consulting services; the alternate choice close when learnt correctly can do you and your sales wonders.


In this article, we’ll break down what the alternate choice close is, as well as share some examples of how to use it.



What Is The Alternate Choice Close?



The alternate choice close is a sales closing technique where you give your potential clients either two, or more options as a call to action.


For this to work, you’ll need to either sell more than one product or service or sell a product or service that has an up sell, or various different packages or choices attached.


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Why Does The Alternate Choice Close Work Well?



The reason the alternate choice close is one of the more popular and effective closing techniques, is because you remove the word ‘no’ from the table of choice.


If you simply asked if they want to invest or not – you leave no as a choice.


By using this closing question after your sales presentation, you create the expectation that the best form of action is to make a buying decision.


During your sales conversation, you’ll be able to understand their buying appetite, and of course whether or not there’s a need for what you’re selling.


Ask questions that uncover their pain, their desires, and of course what they would spend to get the outcome they need.


By getting a good gauge on what their budget is, it’ll give you a better opportunity to use the alternate choice close when asking for the sale.



How To Use The Alternate Choice Close



Below are a few examples of how to use the alternate choice close.


“John; so, in regard to your sales training needs – would you prefer the online sales training option, or our in person sales workshop for your team?”


“Thanks for sharing that with me Lauren. Do you think you’d prefer blazer in the blue, or would you prefer the teal?”


“That makes sense Michael. Would you prefer the five seater, or does the seven seater work for you today?”


“I appreciate you sharing that with me Julie; would it make more sense to invest for the year for the 10% off today, or would you rather get the monthly payment plan option instead?”


The alternate choice close can also be used in getting your potential clients to take other action outside of selling your product or service.



Examples include:



“Does it make sense then for us to meet tomorrow at 10am, or does the afternoon work better for you?”


“Thanks for sharing that important information with me. Is the next best step for us to have a Zoom call meeting, or would you prefer an in person chat?”



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Final Thoughts



The alternate choice close is an excellent close to add to your sales kit, because it works well if you use it gently and correctly.


By correctly – we mean by not being invasive or pushy.


Your sales conversations should always be consultative, and always leave presenting your product or service to the end.


If you present too early; you’ll position yourself as a commodity, and risk losing the sale.



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