How To Build Trust In Sales

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How To Build Trust In Sales

How To Build Trust In Sales

One of the most important things you need to learn to become successful at selling, is building trust in sales conversations.


Trust in sales conversations and your dialogue is crucial, because without trust – a person won’t make a buying decision.


So how do you build trust in sales?


In this guide, we’ll detail six important key ingredients to help you build trust in sales conversations and dialogue with your potential clients.



Why Is Trust In Sales Crucial?



Building trust in sales conversations and dialogue is crucial, because it’s one of the key driving factors behind why a person will make a buying decision.


People need two emotional needs met before they can buy.


One is trust.


The other is desire.


Without both these key ingredients, very rarely will a person make a buying decision.


By learning how to build trust in sales conversations, you’ll be helping a potential client be on their way to selling themselves on your product or solution.



What Hurts Building Trust In Sales?



As much as it is important to learn what builds trust in sales; it is equally important to learn what will damage trust in sales too – so that you can avoid these mistakes at all costs.


The first thing that’ll break trust in sales, is going into a conversation or discovery call with a potential client and having little to no understanding of their needs.


Your potential client will expect you to have done some homework, and at least ensure they’re qualified prior to meeting them. Failing to do so, won’t help your positioning as a person to be trusted.


Secondly, the next quick way to break trust in sales is by presenting you product or service too early.


As per our article in Entrepreneur; many Sales Professionals make the mistake of doing something we call ‘premature presentation’.


This is when they present their product or service without deep diving into the following:


  • Whether there’s an actual need
  • Learning their pain points
  • Finding out their desired outcome


Presenting before learning any of these vital ingredients will break rapport and trust in sales, because it’ll demonstrate that you’re there for a quick buck – rather than actually trying to build a relationship and solve their problems and needs.



How To Build Trust In Sales



Below are six important elements that build trust in your sales conversations with potential clients.


Learn, embody and then put each of these into action, to get the maximum impact from this guide.



Having Integrity



The first way to build trust in sales, is operating with a high level of integrity.


This means only offering your potential client a solution if you know you can in act solve their pain points and needs.


To build trust in sales, you need to embody the mindset that the relationship between you and your client is something to be cherished and have a long game approach.


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The second way to build trust in sales, is by having the right knowledge and experience to help get your potential client from where they currently are, to where they want to be.


You don’t have to know all the answers.


However, if you can display how you’ll help them get to where they want to be with your product or service, this will make them feel at ease that you’re coming from a place of service – which in turn builds trust in sales.



Being Consistent



A core principle of trust in sales, is being consistent in your approach, as well as understanding the importance of following frameworks for consistent results.


For example; if they’re meeting with a new potential client, they would initially use a discovery call to qualify their potential clients, and then use a step by step sales process to learn if there’s an actual need to serve them.


They’re consistent with their planning, their finances, their internal procedures, and the way they approach and treat their clients.


When you’re not consistent, your results will be mixed, which in turn will break trust in sales delivery.



Being Reliable



Your word is your bond; and not being reliable will quickly break trust in sales and whatever relationship you may have built.


Like integrity – it’s critical to only commit to something you know you can fulfil.


Short term thinkers only ponder the quick sale; and don’t think about the long term effects of what it will mean if you can’t deliver.


The potentially bad public image, legal ramifications, and of course loss in income.



Being Curious



Being curious is an excellent way to build trust in sales, for two distinct reasons.


First – it’ll demonstrate that you truly care and want to find out more about their struggle, and how you can help them get to where they want to be.


We recommend asking sales probing questions to get here.


Secondly, it gives you the chance to help them sell themselves.


If you’re doing all the talking and selling; there’s a high probability they’ll close off and feel pressure.


However, if you ask excellent questions; you’ll get them talking about their need for a solution, and without high pressure – help them sell themselves on the need for a solution.






Finally, the last way to build trust in ales is by being an excellent listener.


Many people make the mistake of listening, purely to respond.


Instead – we recommend asking questions that really give clarity on their personal world view, and to see how they think and feel about their pain points and issues.


By doing so, you can build empathy, and then offer a solution that truly aligns with their beliefs and values.



How To Build Trust In Sales – Our Final Thoughts



These six areas will dramatically help build trust in sales conversations with your potential clients and will separate you from looking like just another salesperson.


To stand out from the pack – we recommend positioning yourself as a trusted advisor.


If you want to learn more about how you can do this too, read the linked article directly below.


Further reading: How To Position Yourself As A Trusted Advisor



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