From Engineer To Sales Role – What You Need To Know

The 5% InstituteSales Process From Engineer To Sales Role – What You Need To Know
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From Engineer To Sales Role – What You Need To Know

Engineer to sales; no matter what new role you may be taking up in the sales world, this can be a bit of a career change.


However, if you put in the hard work that got you to become an Engineer in the first place, continue learning with an open mind, and execute what you learn – you can potentially have an excellent career in sales.


In this article, you’ll learn why going from Engineer to sales can sometimes make people feel hesitant, the things to be careful of when going from an Engineer to sales role, and the things you need to adjust when moving from an Engineer to sales role.



From Engineer To Sales Role – What You Need To Know



From Engineer To Sales Role – Why People Can Be Hesitant



When moving from an Engineer to sales role, people can sometimes feel a bit hesitant before making the move.


You may have spent years learning your engineering craft; building up your technical prowess and learning how to do things in a functional and systematic way.


Now you are moving into sales; something that can at times – create uncertainty.


Below is a list of reasons who people can feel a bit hesitant when moving from an Engineer to sales role.



The Reputation Of Some Salespeople



One of the reasons why people may feel hesitant when moving from a role as an Engineer to sales, is because many salespeople have a bad reputation.


Due to famous lines such as ‘Always Be Closing’, or ‘Sell Me This Pen’; many salespeople have created a bad reputation from inside sales, where they’re out to make a quick buck and close the deal without thinking of the consequences.


Although this reputation does exist; this reputation isn’t one that blankets the whole sales industry.


Furthermore; if you follow a consultative approach, it won’t be that difficult to separate yourself from the competition, and position yourself as a trusted adviser, rather than just another salesperson.


You’ll learn how to do so in this article.



You May Be Used To A Salary



Another reason why people may feel hesitant when moving from a role as an Engineer to sales, is because they’re used to the safety net of a salary, versus the usual pay structure in sales being based on commission.


Although this concern can definitely have merit, especially if you’re completely new to sales; it can also be a new opportunity to make a better income versus your previous role, if you follow a step by step process in which we’ll cover in this guide.


Many salespeople follow an old school type method; they present early, hope something sticks, and pray that the potential client will sign the deal.


Salespeople who work like this receive a lousy pay check, so clearly the commission reputation will be tarnished.


However, if you follow a more modern, consultative and systematic approach; you will have a better opportunity of making better commissions.



Some People Feel That Sales Is Untruthful



The final reason why people can sometimes feel hesitant when moving from a role as an Engineer to sales, is because they feel they may have to lie to close deals.


Lying and deceit is one of the reasons why salespeople have a bad reputation in the first place; as is something that should be illegal in any industry.


Instead, the best salespeople are those who tell the truth, and give prescriptive advice on what their potential clients should do as a next step.


If you go into a Medical Specialist’s office; you pay good money to get the truth.


They tell you what you need to know and explain why in good detail.


Why should sales be any different?


It shouldn’t – and the best salespeople use this approach.


If a potential client doesn’t qualify and isn’t the right fit – let them know. It’ll help you both in the medium to long run.



What To Avoid When Making Your Career Transition



When moving from a role as an Engineer to sales, there are various things you’ll need to be careful of and want to avoid.


The next few paragraphs will detail what you need to avoid when moving from a role as Engineer to sales.



Engineer To Sales – Don’t Present Too Early



One of the common mistakes with people moving from a role as an Engineer to sales, is that they present too early.


You may be thinking you’ve been asked to come in, and demonstrate your product or solution – what could possibly go wrong?


A lot!


In fact, presenting your product too early can have a massively negative impact on your sales opportunity, because you haven’t yet built enough emotional connection as to why they would want to make a change in the first place.


As per sales psychology; people buy for emotional reasons, and then justify their purchase with logic.


As per our article in Entrepreneur; we call presenting too early Premature Presentation because it’s the act of giving people a solution without knowing exactly what they want and need to be solved.


Check out the related article below to learn how to present in the right way.


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Engineer To Sales – Don’t use Jargon



The second common mistake made by people moving from a role as an Engineer to sales, is they continue using the language they’ve always used.


At times; this can be acronyms and jargon.


Although this language can be completely normal to you and your usual circle, jargon can be confusing to your potential client.


If your potential client becomes confused; you’ll not only lose their interest and attention, but you may make them feel stupid.


And if they feel stupid, you’ll break rapport.


Avoid jargon where necessary, and it keep things simple to understand.



Engineer To Sales – Avoid Purely Logical Conversations



Another very common mistake made by people moving from a role as an Engineer to sales, is they can be very logical with their sales conversations.


They keep things very surface level, without diving deeper into the why behind the sales conversation.


As mentioned – people don’t buy logically. They buy with emotion, and then justify with logic.


When having your sales conversations, avoid keeping your sales conversations purely logical, and try to dig into the emotional reasons as to why they may want to buy your product, service, and an overall solution.


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What To Do When Making Your Career Transition



We’ve looked at this mistakes people make when making a career change from Engineer to sales.


Now let’s look at what you need to keep an eye on, learn, and execute when moving from a role as an Engineer to sales.



Have A Sales Process



The first and very important tip we can give you when making a change from Engineer to sales, is to follow a systematic, consistent sales process.


This one shouldn’t be a surprise for you.


As an Engineer, you’ve learnt that things become successful when you a follow a consistent, systematic structure.


Sales is absolutely no different.


The difference is (and a good opportunity for you), is that most people wing it with their sales efforts.


Because they wing it, their sales results are inconsistent.


We recommend using a step by step approach, so that you have certainty, consistency, and can diagnose the step in the structure you use to improve upon.


Furthermore – by using a structured sales process, you’ll position yourself as a trusted adviser, because you’ll be guiding your potential client on a journey. You’ll be in control in a non-pushy way, and your step by step approach will demonstrate this.


We teach a step by step system called The 5% Sales Blueprint.


The steps include:


  • Building rapport
  • Qualifying
  • Setting a pre-frame
  • Asking questions that uncover pain
  • Finding out their desires and outcomes
  • Talking about budget, and money implications
  • Presenting
  • Handling objections
  • Asking for the sale


A good sales structure or process will teach you how to ask excellent sales questions, how to find pain points, and how to handle sales objections in a non-pushy way.


To learn more about the sales process, check out the related article below.


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Moving From Engineer To Sales – Don’t Follow Cheesy Scripts



When moving from a role as Engineer to sales, you may be looking for a quick fix or way to streamline the sales process.


Many companies prey on this and try to sell sales scripts as a way to get this outcome.


Our advice is to stay away from using exact sales scripts, as they can harm your sales. As per our article in Entrepreneur, we detail why you should avoid sales scripts, and what some of the harm looks like when you use it on a regular basis.


Your potential clients aren’t actors; there’s no need for a script.


Be yourself and follow structure instead. A consistent foundation is key.


Not to mention – you don’t want to position yourself as some fake, rehearsed salesperson.


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From Engineer To Sales – Continue Learning Your Craft



The last piece of advice we can give you when moving from a role as Engineer to sales, is to never stop investing in your personal development and craft.


Unless you disliked your Engineer role; you should continue to learn the technical aspects that got you to where you were, as well as new and modern findings to stay current.


Furthermore; we recommend learning sales training, to ensure you not only do well in sales – but consistently get excellent results and make an impact.


To learn more about online sales training, check out the related article below if you would like to learn the benefits of what it can bring.


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Want To Close Sales Easier?



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If so, you should check out our self-paced and affordable online sales training program; The 5% Sales Blueprint.


It’ll give you everything you need to close sales consistently.


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