5 X Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Sales Slump

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5 X Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Sales Slump

Sales slump’s are a common occurrence for many Sales Professionals and Business Owners. We’re all human – and that means that occasionally we’re all going to feel unmotivated.


So now that we acknowledge that they’re normal – what do we do next?


How do we pull ourselves out of a sales slump?


In this article, we’ll look at what causes sales slumps to occur, and the five ways you can pull yourself out of a sales slump.



5 X Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of A Sales Slump



Feeling The Sales Slump? You’re Not Alone



As mentioned, sales slumps are a common occurrence for anyone in a busy sales environment.


You have calls to make, lead generation strategies to put into place – and of course meeting with potential clients and closing sales.


But why is the sales slump a common occurrence?


The foundation of a sales slump is based on emotion. It can be difficult to be consistent day in and day out.


Depending on your personal circumstances and what can be happening in your life right now, it can be hard to stay motivated and continue doing what’s expected over and over again.


The first thing to understand and accept is that this is completely normal.


Thinking it’s not normal and feeling otherwise can actually be detrimental, as accepting that this does happen and that it is completely OK, is the first step is getting out of a sales slump.


As mentioned in this article in Lifehack, forgetting the benefits and rewards of what you do, setting unrealistic goals, and not knowing how to manage your time wisely can all be contributing factors towards a sales slump – and feeling unmotivated in general.


Of course, as mentioned – this can’t purely be answered with one absolute reason, as everybody is unique and having personal things going on in your own individual life that can’t be found on paper or a website article.


What’s more important to note; is that this isn’t uncommon; and you definitely can pull yourself out of a sales slump – but only if you choose to do so.


The ball is in your court – and you are in control.


Let’s look at five ways you can do so now.



A Quick Win – The First Ingredient To Escape A Sales Slump



The first way to get yourself out of a sales slump, is to get a quick win and create momentum.


When we’re not feeling motivated, the best way to change course is to do something that’ll change course for our emotions – no matter how quick or simple it may seem.


A quick win can be anything like:


  • Get clarity on what you’ll do today
  • List who you will call
  • Revisit the solution you’re selling; not the product or feature
  • Get rid of the clutter in your work environment
  • Put aside some time to do focused work, and turn off distractions
  • Accompany a colleague on their sales call or face to face meeting


The trick here is not to make it complicated.


All you’re trying to achieve up front, is just do something to start you towards forward momentum again. It’s not about being too small; but instead just something to put you in the driver’s seat and demonstrate that you are in fact in control.


A quick win is the first requirement to pull you out of a sales slump, because the reason for why they occur in the first place is generally due to outside factors, emotionally draining your mindset.


When you have a quick win, you regain control; and take personal charge once again.


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Assess Why You’re Doing What You Do



Why are you in sales? Is it just to pay bills, and maybe buy a few nice things?


Of course, there is nothing wrong with that at all (we’re all on our own journey and there are no wrong answers); however, staying on the surface with what it is that you want to achieve won’t keep you motivated for long, and will contribute to you regularly falling back into a sales slump.


Instead, dive deeper beneath the surface and find out why it is you actually want to do and achieve what you want to achieve out of your sales career or business.


By diving deeper, you align with your real reasons and this clarity and transparency can be the boost you need to get yourself out of a sales slump.


For example; I personally come from humble beginnings.


My reason for training Sales Professionals, is because mastering sales, marketing, business systems and building businesses on what I have learnt helped me escape that life.


It also means I’ll be able to give my family a life I myself didn’t grow up with – meaning more opportunity, more capacity and more capability for my family and causes I care about.


I’ve gone into training; because every time a Sales Professional, Business Owner or Entrepreneur understands what I’m teaching – and seeing that look on their face that it’s going to change their life from that moment – is absolutely priceless and gives me massive personal fulfilment.


What is your why?


People are emotional beings, and we make decisions based on emotional meaning.


Get clarity on this first, and the rest will start to come easily.



Escaping The Sales Slump With Effective Goal Setting



Goal setting isn’t a popular activity with Sales Professionals and Business Owners, because it can be seen as boring and ineffective. The statistics show that only 25% of people actually stick to their New year’s Resolution after 30 days.


But why don’t people stick to their goals?


The reason being – is they keep them too logical and unfulfilling.


When I mention logical, I’m not saying you should set goals that are unrealistic. That won’t help anybody including yourself.


Instead, set a logical goal but more importantly; anchor it with meaning and fulfilment.


Give yourself a reason for why you want to achieve that goal, and what it will mean when you achieve it.


This way, you set your goals anchored with emotion, which will increase the likelihood of you achieving it.


Humans as mentioned are emotional beings. We make emotional decisions and justify them with logic. The same goes for goal setting.


When setting goals, a great way to do so is by using the SMART System. Just ensure you anchor each of your goals with emotion and meaning for real clarity and transparency.


By using this system, you’ll be on your way to getting out of that dreaded sales slump.


SMART Goals are:


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time Bound


To learn more about effective goal setting, check out the article below for more details.


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Work Smarter



I often here people say the best way to succeed is to work harder.


But what happens if you work harder doing the wrong thing or going the wrong way?


You just get more wrong and negative results!


If you continue pursuing things that don’t work, you’ll continue ending up in a sales slump.


We’ve trained thousands of Sales Professionals and Business Owners from many countries and industries; and most aren’t following a sales methodology or sales process.


Without following a step by step system, you won’t get consistent results with your sales efforts.


Winging it with your sales isn’t a strategy and will give you a life and career of inconsistency.


A proven way of staying away from a sales slump, is having a step by step system and process you can follow that gives you clarity, consistency, and certainty to get more leads and close more sales.


To learn more about how you can implement a consistent sales process into your own business or career, check out the article below to learn how.


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End The Sales Slump By Levelling Up



The best way to end a sales slump and work towards consistent results, is investing in levelling up and investing in your own personal development.


As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”.


Investing in marketing training, business processes, systems, and sales training is the best way to guarantee you always have something going on that you can look forward to.


A sales slump generally happens due to outside forces and influences effecting your mindset. For these things to take hold, you need to feed it with your focus and attention.


However – if your attention is towards up skilling your sales training, processes and business skills, you won’t have the time nor make the effort towards negative thoughts and energy.


You’ll be too focused on being consistent in a positive way; and leaving that sales slump behind.



Final Thoughts



A sales slump happens to all of us from time to time; after all, we’re just human.


By following these five keys areas and implementing it into your life, you’ll have a proven and systematic way to stay away from sales slumps.


Furthermore – if you want to start levelling up and improving your sales and closing rate consistently, you can register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



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