10 x Successful Habits Of Peak Performers

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10 x Successful Habits Of Peak Performers

There are people all around us who fit the status quo; and then there are the peak performers.


Those people that seem to always be positive, stay driven, and just get so much done.


So what are peak performers?


Peak performers are people who are positive, identify and have clarity of their personal goals, and maintain a lifestyle to work towards making their goals and ambitions a reality.


In this article we’ll be looking at ten habits of peak performers, so you too can mirror and learn from their habits and routines.



10 x Successful Habits Of Peak Performers



Habits Of Peak Performers #1 – Have Goals



Unfortunately, many people have dreams of what they would like to achieve; however, many don’t make the commitment to make it a reality.


Peak performers know what they want and get clarity on why they want to achieve their goals.


The reason why peak performers set goals, is because they understand that unless they have an outcome they want to achieve, life will just go by and it will be highly likely that they won’t achieve them.


There are right and wrong ways to set goals.


The wrong way is keeping it very open ended, and not clear. Keeping it purely logical won’t help either.


Peak performers make logical goals, and then back it up with emotional reasons as to why they want to achieve it.


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Habits Of Peak Performers #2 – They Make Time For Exercise



It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve; whether it be for your family, your business or for yourself – if you’re sick, it’ll be hard to achieve it.


It’s extremely important to make time to invest in your body by maintaining a healthy exercise regime, and peak performers know this.


Personally, I ensure they I at least do an exercise activity daily where I’ll break a sweat.


This can mean I’ll do kickboxing a few times a week, weights on other days, and when I haven’t got much time – take my dog for a nice run.


This not only ensures that I keep in good shape, but it allows me to stay healthy to complete the other tasks that need to be done too. If I’m sick, there’ll be downtime in all aspects of my life.


Peak performers have an attitude where they want to turn up every day. This saying means that they at least commit to exercise daily and put time aside for it – just as they would a meeting.


By committing to exercise daily, you’ll be in shape to serve others around you in your best state.



#3 – Their Relationship With Meaning



The word meaning is an interesting one, because as human beings; we have the choice of the meaning we give things around us.


Some people believe in the law of attraction, and others believe that things just happen.


Most importantly – remember that human beings are meaning making machines.


Due to the way we have evolved, human beings give meaning to everything that happens around us; from how people talk to us and why things even happen.


Once we have an understanding that we naturally give things meaning, we can now give ourselves the opportunity of consciously ascribing meaning.


If we give things meaning consciously, we stay in control.


As previously mentioned in the introduction, peak performers are positive most of the time. This means that they generally give things a positive meaning, and don’t dwell on the negatives for too long.


When things become hard, bad or negative emotionally – they re frame the thought into a positive by asking “What can I learn from this experience?”.


By doing so, peak performers maintain a calm, controlled demeanour, and don’t overact and let their emotions – and negative meaning take control.



#4 – Peak Performers Understand The Power Of Focus



A lot of people become distracted easily.


According to a study by Microsoft, humans have a general attention span of up to eight seconds, compared to twelve seconds in the year 2000!


If you become easily distracted and can’t focus on the task at hand, it’ll be hard to complete anything to its full capacity.


This can mean you’ll complete lots of little tasks, but nothing really worthwhile.


Peak performers know that they need to set an environment around them to focus on the task at hand.


This can mean putting their phone on silent, informing those around them not to disturb them unless an emergency, and block out time to do the work they need to do without getting distracted by emails and other notifications.


Focus also stands for a quirky, yet effective acronym.


F – Follow

O – One

C – Course

U – Until

S – Successful



#5 – They Accept Responsibility



Peak performers accept responsibility for their lives, their own outcomes, and what they can or can’t control.


By accepting responsibility, they put themselves in the mindset that they are in control – which allows them the opportunity to change course if something isn’t working.


By doing so, peak performers are able to swiftly change scenarios impacting their life in a negative manner. It’s OK to make mistakes, and this is something that is completely natural.


However, by not claiming responsibility for things, we without knowing it rob ourselves of the opportunity to take control and change the landscape to improve whatever it is that may not be working.


That’s why no matter whether they make the right decision or not – peak performers ensure they take responsibility, and then take charge to take action based on what they’ve learnt.



#6 – They Continually Improve



One of the key habits of peak performers, is that they continually improve and invest in personal development.


A very famous saying in business is “If you’re not growing – then you’re dying”, and we couldn’t agree more.


Improvement doesn’t have to be something that is drastic; instead, peak performers recognise that it’s about the small, day to day improvement that matters instead.


You’ll get so much more out of daily improvement, versus two or three big wins for the year.


The reason being, is consistent improvement on a daily basis will compound, and show positive results in all aspects in your life.


Peak performers know to invest in their personal development, because by leveraging other people’s learning and experiences, they too can fast track their own personal goals.


Things peak performers invest in are time management, sales and marketing training, reading books, courses and much more.



Habits Of Peak Performers #7 – They Feel Confident



Belief is a very powerful, and much needed ingredient if you want to achieve great results in life.


Peak performers have a strong belief in themselves, their capacity, and their ability – and feel confident that they can achieve what they put their attention and focus towards.


By being confident, they give themselves certainty and a sense of security; which as famous Psychiatrist Abraham Maslow identified, is very important if you want to achieve your goals and aspirations.


This isn’t to be confused by the way with cockiness; you can feel confident, without ignorantly feeling cocky.



#8 – Let Go Of Your Ego



Our ego can serve us – or we can serve it.


Peak performers know to leave their ego at the door, because our ego can cloud our vision, prevent us from growing, and stop the opportunity of learning from all people around us.


If we allow our ego to drive us, we’ll make mistakes which we’ll later regret. Making decisions based on ego will most of the time result in nothing good, and peak performers know this.



Habits Of Peak Performers #9 – Listen More Than They Speak



Something we teach our students in our online sales program, The 5% Sales Blueprint; is to ask more questions and listen as much as you can.


People like to speak about themselves and asking great and powerful questions allow us the opportunity to open people up and have them share clues that we need to know to close more sales or positively influence them.


The key to becoming an excellent negotiator and influencer, is by asking the right questions, and letting people talk.


Peak performers know this – and ask more than they speak.



Habits Of Peak Performers #10 – They Think Like Their Clients



Peak performers who own and run businesses, think like their clients and customers.


They overlook their sales process and think about how their clients will feel going through the process.


Peak performers who manage businesses know their potential clients’ demographics and create marketing plans and strategy plans to ensure they can reach them – and best serve them.


By putting themselves in their client’s shoes; peak performers can consistently get positive results, because they lead their business with empathy, and a deeper understanding compared to their competitors.



Final Thoughts



Peak performers follow a set of habits that differentiate themselves from the general population. Due to following these habits consistently, they’re able to outperform their competition, and execute and achieve their personal goals and desires.


To recap, their habits are:


  • Goal setting
  • Exercise daily
  • Have a relationship with meaning
  • Focus
  • Accept responsibility
  • Invest in personal development
  • Feel confident
  • Let go of their ego
  • Listen more than they speak
  • They think like their clients


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