‘Why Can’t I Sell?’ – How To Fix It The Right Way

The 5% InstituteMotivation ‘Why Can’t I Sell?’ – How To Fix It The Right Way
Why Can’t I Sell

‘Why Can’t I Sell?’ – How To Fix It The Right Way

Although sales can be an excellent career choice; there will be times when it can be quite difficult. You may be asking why can’t I sell if you’re going through a bit of a sales slump.


If you find yourself asking why can’t I sell, it may be for a few reasons – and none to do with you as a person whatsoever.


In this article. We’ll cover the reasons as to why Sales Professionals and Business Owners can struggle with sales, and what you can do to fix it.



Why Can’t I Sell? – How To Fix It The Right Way



‘Why Can’t I Sell’ Reason #1 – Your Audience



If you’re asking yourself ‘why can’t I sell’, it may have less to do with your or your product and service, and more to do with your target audience.


Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners make the mistake of speaking with potential clients; who aren’t qualified to buy what they’re selling.


They may not be decision makes, may not have the budget, or may not benefit from the solution you sell.


It’s imperative that prior to going into your sales conversations, that you qualify your potential clients first.


The benefits of doing this include saving your time and theirs, and of course wasted money and resources you can allocate for real potential clients.


One of the key activities we do with our Students, is to get them to really hone in on who their ideal clients are.


By doing so – they only focus on having deep dive sales conversations with people who would benefit from what they sell, and who can afford to pay for their solution.


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‘Why Can’t I Sell’ Reason #2 – No Process



The biggest reason as to why you may be asking yourself ‘why can’t I sell’, is because you lack a system to sell your products or services.


The number one thing a Sales Professional or Business Owner can do to massively increase their sales and closing rate, is following a step by step system.


A sales system; also known as a sales process or sales framework, is a consistent map that you can lean on to guide people towards buying from you.


Like anything in life – if you’re not consistent with something, you’ll receive inconsistent results.


The same is true for your sales.


The top 5% of all Sales Professionals and performers, all follow a consistent sales process that discovers why people want a solution, that handles objections up front, and helps them present in a way that doesn’t break rapport yet secures the sale.


Following a sales process doesn’t mean that they lean on sales scripts.


Instead – it means to use a step by step structure with their sales conversations, so that they know how to lead their potential clients towards a sale, without breaking rapport.


It also means the Sales Professional or Business Owner comes from a place of serving their clients in mind; rather than just taking.


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Reason #3 – A Lack Of Training



Would you use a Doctor who last had her medical training 20 years ago?


Of course not.


Or perhaps have a Lawyer defend you in court who hasn’t revisited their training within the last 5 years?


No way.


The reason being, is the likelihood for error will drastically be higher.


The same is true for your sales efforts too.


If you’re asking yourself ‘why can’t I sell’, it may be because you haven’t learnt exactly how.


A lot of Sales Professionals and Business Owners invest in things they think will increase their sales and business efforts, but don’t invest in key areas that’ll actually help them close more sales.


It’s crucial to invest in yourself, your training, and things that’ll help grow your bottom line and margin.


By doing so; you can effectively make more income, to then again reinvest in yourself and your business.


Investing in the right sales training doesn’t have to be expensive.


Many of our Students for example, find that the investment pays for itself once they make just one sale from what they learn in our program (learn more about our Students success here).


It’s important to ensure your regularly train with scenario training, role-playing, and going over your deep diving questions, so that it becomes naturally you.


By doing so, you’ll increase your likelihood in closing more sales on a regular basis.



Final Thoughts



To recap – if you’re asking yourself ‘why can’t I sell’, it may be because you’re speaking to the wrong people, you don’t have a consistent process, or you haven’t learnt how.


We find that these three key areas are the main reasons as to why people can’t sell their products or services consistently.


By investing in yourself and learning how to sell on a consistent basis, you have a certain framework to use that’ll guide you in your sales conversations.


This not only benefits you; but also gives your potential clients a feeling of security.


People know then they’re with a professional, and with an amateur.


The more people can see that you know exactly what you’re doing, the more comfortable they’ll feel buying from you.



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