The Law Of Attraction For Business – Is It Real?

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The Law Of Attraction For Business – Is It Real?

The law of attraction is a popular belief among many people all over the world; in various countries, speaking different languages, and of course in different industries and businesses.


But is it real; and specifically, for us to explore in this article – is the law of attraction for business real?


In this article, we’ll explore what the law of attraction for business is, whether it’s real or not, and what you can do to attract wealth and success into your own personal business.



The Law Of Attraction For Business – Is It Real?



What Is The Law Of Attraction For Business?



The law of attraction simply put, is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.


You simply put your thoughts out there ‘into the universe’, and then you will attract what it is you’re wishing and thinking about.


In basic terms; the law of attraction believes and narrates that all thoughts eventually turn into reality.


Now how does this translate into a business sense?


The law of attraction for business is built on the same premise and principles.


That you think and put out into the universe what you want for your business, and eventually it will come into fruition.


This teaches that you can use the law of attraction for business sales, marketing, and of course profits.


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Is The Law Of Attraction For Business Real?



Now depending on what your personal beliefs are prior to coming into this article; what you read further may or may not be want you want to hear.


If you’re wanting to learn about the law of attraction for business with an open mind, wanting to learn the actual truth; then fantastic – read on.


However if you’re looking for information to reaffirm your confirmation bias (wanting to reaffirm what you already believe), then you may not be happy with what you learn reading on.


I’m hoping you’re the first, and a seeker of truth.


Simply put – is the law of attraction for business real?


In it’s explained context outlined in this article in the first segment; then the answer would be no.


There is an explanation as to how the law of attraction for business works, however – if you think by wishing for success, outcomes or goals and hoping that the universe or some other external factor will bring it into reality; then you will be sorely mistaken.


And not just mistaken – but in fact a potential recipe for business disaster.



Why The Law Of Attraction For Business Doesn’t Work?



As per this article in Psychology Today, the law of attraction doesn’t actually exist.


Having a strategy that wishes things into fruition is not based on science or factual evidence and hoping the law of attraction for business will work for you will only end in heart break.


Because I care for your future, your outcomes and goals, I won’t sugar coat this for you.


Business Is not easy. Succeeding in business takes a lot of hard work.


You need to implement marketing plans and strategic sales plans.


There’s tasking out jobs, or potentially outsourcing it to other staff and maybe even hiring.


Then there is implementing your step by step sales process.


And of course, continual personal development and training, and meeting your desired metrics and goals.


This all takes a lot of time, effort, testing, and implementation.


Having hope or wishing as a strategy won’t work and will only distract you from the key and tangible tasks mentioned above.


As it is outlined in this article, the law of attraction for business (or in general) is categorised as a pseudoscience, and won’t help you get to where you want to be.


So what do you do instead?


My intention here today is not to share with you a message of doom and gloom.


As mentioned, I want you to succeed. Read on to learn what you can do instead, and how to make your business success a reality.



What Do You Do Instead?



So far we’ve learnt that the law of attraction for business isn’t real; in the sense anyway that you wish or dream of things to become reality, and the universe will bring you these results.


Instead – there is something similar and a lot more highly effective you can utilise.


I can explain this in two parts.


First of all, wishing the law of attraction for business was real is flawed, because you’re hoping in a strategy that is external to you – meaning that it is outside of your personal control.


In life, we shouldn’t fear or worry too much about things outside of our control, for that exact reason – it is out of our control.


We can’t control external factors, so why should I give it too much attention?


Instead, I’m going to share what you can do instead, which is 100% in your control, because it’s internal.


And this brings me to point two – the Reticular Activating System.


Read on to learn what it is and how it works to make your goals and aspirations a reality.



The Reticular Activating System



Think about going for a simple stroll through a city centre, mall, or busy outdoor park somewhere.


Even though we take this simple stroll for granted, we forget about the amazing amount of work our brain must do to filter out all the surrounding noise and information.


There are all sorts of noises.


There are all sorts of colours, images, shapes and objects.


The rays of light on your face, or maybe the wind (or air con, depend on where you’re going for your stroll).


If you had to consciously focus on all this information at once, your mind would most probably go into meltdown mode trying to process all the information!


So you’re probably wondering; what does this have to do with the law of attraction for business?


Let’s look at that now.


The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a bundle of nerves at our brain stem, that filters out information we don’t class, or package as important.


This means it filters out all the noise we don’t class as important and brings to the forefront of our attention anything that it recognises as being important.


Now this is very important for the law of attraction for business in a real context; it’s not the universe or some external force giving you these blessing, or bringing them to you.


It’s already there, all around you.


However, because you’re thinking about it, your RAS brings it to the forefront of your attention, and you now notice it, and pay attention to it.



The Real Law Of Attraction For Business Explained



This is the real scientific explanation of how the law of attraction for business works.


You think about marketing your business, learning a sales process and systems, handling objections, and perhaps even your competition in business; and you start seeing these things everywhere.


It’s not that they’re now being attracted into your universe; but instead – you’re now noticing it around you because you’ve told your RAS that these things are important (subconsciously of course), and now your RAS brings them to the fore front of your attention.


So in a roundabout way; is the law of attraction for business real?


Yes and no.


No in a context that you think it, and it’ll come true.


Yes, in the context that it’s actually internal within you (your RAS), and that what you think about you will start noticing, and you can then start working towards achieving when you put in the work.



What Should You Do Next?



So you’ve learnt about the reality of the law of attraction for business and the Reticular Activating System.


What should you do next?


Read on to learn how to best utilise your RAS.



Know What You Truly Want



What do you actually want? Get clear on your goals, outcomes, and results for not just your business, but for your personal ambitions and life too.


Getting absolutely clear on this is crucial because it’ll dictate your next steps, and what kind of business you should either start, or continue running.


If you want to have a lot of time with your family, then running a high impact time consuming business doesn’t align.


Clarity is initially key.



Put Together A Plan



Once you know what you want, how will you get there? If you’re reading up about the law of attraction for business, you’re probably already in business or wanting to start one.


We have a number of related articles below that help you with your planning phase; from a sales point of view, and then a marketing context too. Check them out below.


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Invest In Yourself



As Robin Sharma famously quoted; investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.


It will not only improve your life, but it’ll also improve the lives of all those around you.


Once you know what you want and have a rough plan of how to get there – you need to invest in yourself to make it a reality.


Hoping like the law of attraction for business in it’s understood context won’t work, because you’re relying on external forces to save and help you.


You need to rely on yourself within; invest in yourself, and you’ll make your goals and outcomes happen.


Ultimately, sales are the lifeblood of any business. By mastering sales, your business will always be a success.


Whether it’s investing in sales books, or sales training – you should be investing in your own personal development.



Final Thoughts



The law of attraction for business in it’s widely understood context; that you wish and you will receive, simply isn’t true.


Instead, learning and understanding how your Reticular Activating System (RAS) works, will actually help you because you’ll truly understand, and accept that you alone are in control.


The fact that you’ve read this far shows you have it in you to be successful.


Believe and invest in you – and your goals and dreams will be possible.



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