High Ticket Sales – Your Definitive Guide

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High Ticket Sales – Your Definitive Guide

High ticket sales have always been a popular choice for seasoned Sales Professionals, because of the earning potential. More importantly, high ticket sales open gateways of potential that aren’t necessarily always available when selling lower priced, commodity type products.


In this article, we’re going to look at the definition of high ticket sales, some examples of if, and also the type of training required to close high ticket products.



High Ticket Sales – Your Definitive Guide



What Are High Ticket Sales?



Although the definition may vary among individuals, high ticket sales means selling high ticket items. High ticket items are products or services that are generally high value and high cost.



Examples Of High Ticket Sales Products



High ticket products, items and services can come in many forms; and as mentioned gets its name by the cost and value. Some examples of high ticket items are:




How To Sell High Ticket Products



Due to the cost of the items that fit within this category, selling the product or service varies from tradition, order taking sales.


Low ticket item sales generally come with low risk for the consumer, so there usually is less effort involved for a transaction to take place.


When the product is high ticket, the risk is higher if the consumer makes the wrong choice, which can result in buyer remorse.


For this reason, there is a higher chance that a prospect will have objections prior to making the purchase.


When selling high ticket, you’ll need to use a step by step process to either get them on the phone or in person; and then take the prospect through a buyer’s journey until they want to buy what you are selling.



High Ticket Sales Training



The 5% Institute have formulated the perfect training program for Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who are selling; or wish to sell high ticket products or services.


The reason being, is The 5% Sales Blueprint (our flagship program), is designed to help the potential client work with you on the buyer’s journey – and through carefully crafted, non-pushy and open-ended questions, you can help the prospect sell themselves.


We teach this process because it’s easier to help a person sell themselves, rather than do all the hard work of trying to persuade a person to buy your high ticket item.


To learn more about your high ticket sales training, simply click the link here to find out.



Final Thoughts



High ticket sales can be very beneficial in the hands of the right Sales Professional, because it opens up potential to make excellent income within a short period.


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Want To Close Sales Easier?



Are you committed to closing sales a lot easier, and consistently?


If so, you should check out our self-paced and affordable online sales training program; The 5% Sales Blueprint.


It’ll give you everything you need to close sales consistently.


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