Client Vs Customer – Is There A Difference?

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Client Vs Customer – Is There A Difference?

Client vs customer – is there really a difference?


This is a great question, and one that definitely deserves attention.


The reason why it’s an important question to ask, is because depending on how you label those who buy from you, can make a big difference in how you treat and perceive them.


In this article, you’ll learn:


  • Definition of a client
  • Definition of a customer
  • The difference between a client vs customer
  • What label is better



Client Vs Customer – Is There A Difference?



Definition Of A Customer



A customer is a person who buys goods or services from a company.


The relationship is seen as purely transactional.


Because the relationship foundation is built on a transactional basis, the customer sees you as someone they should shop on value and price.


Generally speaking, there isn’t any loyalty or relationship trust there.


If they can find someone who does the same job for cheaper, they’ll happily give them their money.


Similarly; even if someone else can do the same job priced slightly higher, but they feel they’ll get more value from them in other ways; they’ll give them their attention instead.


When you have people, who buy from you that purely see the relationship as transactional, it’s a lot harder to get referrals, have up sell/ cross sell opportunities, or create advocates for your brand.



Definition Of A Client



This is an interesting definition, because just like the customer – a transaction has to take place.


However, the differences are in the details.


A client is someone who buys your products or services because there’s a more invested level of trust.


Clients expect attention to detail and aren’t just in the relationship with a small transaction.


They’re usually in it for the longer haul.


This means that they need to feel that the business genuinely cares for them and their needs, and that they have the opportunity to be truly heard.


A client feels they have greater needs, and a business who calls people who buy from them clients, generally need to reciprocate those expected needs.



The Difference Between A Client Vs Customer



So; what’s the difference between a client vs customer?


Although there may be minor differences between both, how you treat them based on the label you give them is actually what is more important.


Initially I learnt about the client vs customer question myself, while listening to Jay Abraham being interviewed on a podcast.


He explained his definition of the differences, and which he felt was the right way to look at people who buy from you.


Put simply; it’s a mindset change.


When you or your staff label people as customers; you’re inadvertently saying that you see them as purely transactional.


If you see them as purely transactional, you won’t put in the extra efforts to make them feel valued, appreciated, and that they’re more than simply another statistic or number.


However, when you look at people who buy from you as clients; something amazing happens.


Your standards for them change, and you start thinking about ways to give them extra value.


You no longer see them as a transactional number, but rather an opportunity to build on relationship wise.



Client Vs Customer – What Label Is Better?



In our view, we call all people who invest in our online sales program clients of ours.


We don’t like to use the word customer.


The people who buy from us, are exactly that – people.


And people have their own pains, desires, goals, and everything else that makes them uniquely special.


When we label people customers; we rob ourselves of the opportunity for going above and beyond.


If we don’t go above and beyond – your competition will.



Final Thoughts



The client vs customer question is a good one, because it creates a potentially new opportunity.


By teaching our staff to look and think about those who buy from us as a client, we shift our mindset from that of selling – to that of serving.


Serving people will inherently be a lot more beneficial to both you and your clients, as well as position you as a trusted advisor.


This will create a foundation of loyalty and trust; which will serve both you and your clients in many ways for years to come.


Client vs customer – always label them clients.



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