Winning Strategies For Sales Call Planning

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Winning Strategies For Sales Call Planning

Are you looking for ways to boost your sales? Planning ahead for each sales call can help you maximize opportunities and make the best impression with potential clients.


Follow these steps to create a game plan for success with every call.



Winning Strategies For Sales Call Planning



Research Your Prospects And Identify Their Needs



Before every call, it’s important to do your own research on the prospect.


Learn who they are and what their needs are.


This will give you an understanding of how best to approach the conversation.


Take notes as you research so that you can refer back to them during and after the call.


Having this level of detail will help ensure that nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to understanding what your prospects need and how best you can provide solutions for them.


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Develop Your Pitch Before The Call



Another key part of sales call planning is setting up your pitch before the call.


This can give you a great advantage in sales conversations.


Spend time developing an effective introduction that quickly outlines who you are and why you’re calling.


This will ensure that you remain focused on what is most important to both parties throughout the conversation.


Have key points prepared to discuss such as the value of your product or service and how you can help solve your customer’s problem.


Knowing and understanding these elements of the conversation will lead to more productive sales calls and greater success in closing deals.


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Sales Call Planning Means To Have An Agenda



Before getting on a sales call, another important sales call planning tip is to have an agenda in mind for the conversation.


Determine what topics you want to discuss and make sure to ask vital questions pertaining to the product or service.


An agenda will prevent you from taking too much time on one topic and ensure that all key points are covered.


Additionally, having a plan of action can give you confidence knowing that you won’t overlook any important aspects of the sales call.


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Make Sure You’re Providing Value During Your Call



When on a sales call, it’s important to add value to the conversation that will benefit your potential customer.


Whether it be offering information about your product or educating them on current industry trends, make sure that you are giving something valuable in return.


Doing so can prove useful down the line when attempting to close deals, as having established yourself as a knowledgeable trusted advisor will give customers more faith in working with your company.



Follow Up Quickly To Close The Deal



The last piece to sales call planning, is following up quickly after the conversation in order to close the deal.


The longer you wait after a call, the less likely a customer will be to respond or take any action.


Additionally, if you wait too long they may very well forget who you were and what your offer was.


Collect contact information during your initial call and make sure you follow up quickly with something of value that can help persuade them to move forward with making a purchase.



Sales Call Planning – Final Thoughts



Like every part of sales, it’s imperative to use a sales process, and plan ahead prior to making cold calls.


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