5 Ways to Identify Sales Gaps In Your Company

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Identify Sales Gaps

5 Ways to Identify Sales Gaps In Your Company

Struggling to hit your sales goals? Identifying and addressing sales gaps can help you get back on track.


From customer research to streamlining the buying process, learn how to identify the sources of your sales problems and find ways to fast-track success.



Analyze Your Target Market and Competition



Identifying your target market and researching your competitors is key to uncovering sales gaps in your company.


This can help you better understand what differentiates you from competitors, how to get noticed, and how to gain an edge in a competitive climate.


Talk to current customers about their likes and dislikes, analyze competitor’s marketing tactics, develop buyer personas, and research opportunities for growth.



Utilize Sales Enablement Strategies



Sales enablement strategies can be a powerful tool in helping to identify sales gaps.


By creating a process and system for providing content, training and support for your sales team, you can quickly uncover what’s working, what’s not, and how you can increase your chances of closing more deals.


Using tactics such as developing industry-specific selling frameworks or investing in curated content libraries can help your sales team come up with more effective ways to sell.


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Understand Your Current Sales Cycle Processes To Close Sales Gaps



Examining your existing sales cycle processes is a great starting point to identify potential sales gaps.


Consider the steps employees typically take when engaging in sales activities.


This could include research and information-gathering, call prep, setting up demos or webinars, writing proposals, closing deals and more.


Reviewing each step in the process can help reveal areas for improvement that you can tap into to help close more deals.


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Measure Existing Customer Satisfaction



Customer satisfaction is key to identify sales gaps in your company.


Ask your team to survey customers after a sale has been completed and at regular intervals afterwards.


Request feedback on their overall experience and look for trends that could be the source of recurring issues, such as delivery delays, billing errors and more.


Analyze customer responses to better understand their needs and develop solutions to address any issues you uncover.



Analyze Current Sales Trends To Bridge Sales Gaps



Take a close look at current sales trends in your company to determine opportunities for growth.


Analyze your current sales process, customer relationship management and customer data to reveal where sales could be improved.


Compare your sales team’s success with competitors and use their strategies to identify gaps in the areas you are currently lagging behind.


Understanding what adjustments need to be made will help you create a more sound strategy for future success.



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