How To Improve Your Alignment Calls And Close Deals

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Alignment Calls

How To Improve Your Alignment Calls And Close Deals

Maximizing the effectiveness of alignment calls is essential for successful sales.


In this guide, you’ll learn the best tips and techniques to make great alignment calls that increase the chances of closing more deals.



Proactively Qualify Prior To Alignment Calls



Before an alignment call takes place, sales reps should take the time to proactively qualify a prospect and identify their specific needs.


This includes researching the current situation and problems of your prospect and having all the necessary information about their company prepared for the call.


Doing this will help ensure that your call is focused on addressing their particular needs and that it becomes more of a discussion than a sales pitch.


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Introduce Yourself To The Potential Customer



Before diving into the details of the product or service, it’s crucial to introduce yourself and build rapport with the customer.


Ask their name, where they are located, and what they do for a living so you can get more context on who they are.


Not only will this make them feel valued, but also give you more insight into their needs so you can tailor your offering to them.



Prepare A Framework Prior To An Alignment Call



Before hopping on a call with any prospect, it’s important to prepare a framework for the conversation.


This means setting an agenda for what you plan to discuss and having some prepared questions and topics of discussion in advance.


This will help keep the conversation focused on the needs of the prospect and ensure that not only do they understand your product or service, but they also see how it can solve their current problems.


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Craft A Strong Agenda For The Meeting Or Call



Establishing expectations for the meeting is incredibly important.


After introducing yourself and building rapport, outline what exactly you want to go over in the call or meeting.


This will help keep the call on track and ensure that you cover all of your bases.


If necessary, provide resources such as datasheets or white papers to back up your talking points.



Demonstrate How Your Solution Meets The Buyer’s Needs And Objectives



While you can go into deeper detail during presentations and demonstrations, the alignment call is a great opportunity to start building that relationship by demonstrating how your solution meets their needs.


Outline and explain the product’s features, benefits, and any special offers that might sweeten the deal.


Additionally, emphasize the customer experience they can expect when using your product – such as ease of onboarding or scalability – to make your solution more attractive.



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