What To Say When A Potential Client Says “We’re Already Working With Someone Else”.

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what to say when they already work with someone else

What To Say When A Potential Client Says “We’re Already Working With Someone Else”.

Whether you’re in Real Estate, a Coach, or Small Business Owner or Consultant, one of the regular objections that you’ll probably often hear is “We’re already working with someone else”.


Now firstly, a lot of people trying to sell a product or service at this point may start to get nervous, and shudder at the thought of coming across this potential road block. I’m asking however that before you do, relax, and let’s look at it in a little more detail first.


The good thing is, this is a common objection, and could mean that they are interested; they’re perhaps just in fact in a roundabout way asking how you can help them overcome this with a solution.


Secondly, it could mean that they are potentially a loyal customer. This is good, because it means if you’re able to acquire them, then perhaps they can also be loyal to you once you have them as a client.


So the first thing you do when you hear this, is dissect it a little further; are they saying this because they want you to further expand on a solution, or are they politely trying to get rid of you?


If it is the latter, then it means one of two potential things: Either you’re speaking to an unqualified potential client (meaning they have no need for your service or solution, literally don’t have the money to buy etc), or it could mean that during your presentation (either in person, online or over the phone), you haven’t built enough trust and desire for them to want to work with you.


In this case, let’s pretend for arguments sake that they do trust you, and trust that you can deliver. Let’s also pretend that they have enough desire to want your product or service, but are in fact already using a product or service similar to yours.



This is what I want you to say:


Potential Client: “We’re already working with *insert product or service*”


You: “*Clients name*, that is awesome that you’re already working with *insert product or service*. May I ask; what is it about your *insert product or service* that you enjoy?”


Potential Client: *Expands on what they enjoy. You look for elements you may have missed during your presentation.*


You: “Now you seem like a person that would probably check different options out there to find the best value for your results, is that right (insert other relevant benefits here)?”


Potential Client: “Well yes/ of course”


You: “Awesome, I thought so; what I’m asking here is would it make sense then to potentially compare us to your current *insert product or service*, and see if there is actually something better out there for you?”



Now they can potentially answer this two ways:


Potential Client: “Yes/ Sure.” (Now you expand, and focus on what they liked about their current *insert product or service* they mentioned earlier, but display how you can do it better.) After you’ve expanded, make sure you ask if that makes sense, and ask for the sale.


The second answer they could give, is they could say no, or that they’re happy with their current product or service. After you’ve tried this particular way of handling the objection, you’ve given them the opportunity to be able to move forward with your proposal. If they say no at this point, then you’re now aware that you’re potentially talking to someone who is definitely not interested in your product.


Be polite, thank them for their time, and on to the next one.



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