Learning The Art Of Selling With Insight

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Learning The Art Of Selling With Insight

Do you want to get better at selling and closing deals? If so, insight selling might be the solution for you.


This approach to sales enables you to connect with prospects on an emotional level and increase your success rate by understanding customers’ wants and needs.


Read on for more information about how this method could make you a better salesperson.



Learning The Art Of Selling With Insight



What Is Insight Selling?



Put simply, insight selling is a customer-centric sales process that focuses on understanding the customer’s needs, wants and motivations while also leveraging powerful data analysis techniques to uncover areas of opportunity.


This method of sales puts the customer first using empathy and digital insights to solve their problems and form valuable relationships with them.


With an insight-based approach, salespeople are able to anticipate the customer’s needs, offer tailored solutions that provide real value, and ultimately close more deals.



What Should You Focus On To Practice Insight Selling?



Directly below, are four detailed areas to focus on to practice, and learn the art of insight selling.



Define Your Prospects Needs



One of the most important parts of successfully applying selling with insight, is defining your prospects’ needs.


Take time to do research and discover what your customers need to be successful.


Once you have that information, use it when crafting your sales pitch to make sure you’re addressing their specific issues.


This can help you create a more personal relationship with them and increase the likelihood of closing a sale.



Gather Data And Analyze It



The first step to selling with insight, is to gather data to identify the challenges in front of you and your prospects.


Analyzing this data can give you invaluable insight into how best to approach a sale.


Look at what types of products or services have been purchased in the past, as well as other information that could help you understand their needs more clearly.


With a thorough understanding of your customer’s challenges, it will be much easier for you to craft an Insight Selling pitch tailored specifically for them.



Understand Your Customer’s Business Needs



To effectively close any sale, it’s essential for salespeople to gain a thorough understanding of their customer’s business and offer a solution specific to their needs.


By gathering data from interactions with your customer, such as their current objectives, challenges and goals, you can accurately pinpoint where their business is lacking.


Additionally, conducting market research and competitive analysis can also help you understand how the customer fits into the larger industry landscape and where you may be able to provide value that no one else can.


By utilizing insight selling techniques such as these, salespeople are better able to appeal directly to customers through personalized products or services.



Communicate Your Insights Effectively



Once you have collected and analyzed the data, it’s time to start crafting your pitch.


Many salespeople make the mistake of leading with their product or service, but that doesn’t help your prospects understand what value you can bring them.


Instead, use your insights to build an executive-level presentation that shows how your offering can solve their problem.


Paint a vivid picture that demonstrates both the challenge and the potential benefits of solving it with your help. This will establish trust between you and your customer and be more effective than any generic sales pitch.



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