“I’m Just Looking” – How To Handle The Sales Objection

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“I’m Just Looking” – How To Handle The Sales Objection

Whether you work in retail, a showroom or generally just in product sales; you’ll most likely and regularly come across the I’m just looking sales objection.


In this article, we’ll break down where the I’m just looking sales objection usually comes from, and how to handle it with ease using a step by step framework.



The I’m Just Looking Sales Objection – Where Does It Come From?



Generally, people use the I’m just looking sales objection because they’re scared of high pressure sales tactics and have perhaps had a bad experience with a salesperson in the past.


They’re afraid that if they tell you up front what they’re looking for, that they’re not going to be able to browse at their own pace, without someone trying to force them into making a buying decision.


Rapport and empathy are one of the most important parts of the sales process and demonstrating that you care about their current state is critical if you want to serve their needs.


Sometimes people may just be looking; but most times, the I’m just looking sales objection is said because they want to remain in control of the sales process, without feeling haggled or influenced.


Similar to the let me think about it phrase; the I’m just looking sales objection is in fact a smokescreen.


A smokescreen is something people say to hide the real sales objection; in this case; being pushed or pressured into buying something they may not want.



How To Handle The I’m Just Looking Sales Objection



Below is a simple process to handle the I’m just looking sales objection.



Welcome Them



The first step to handle the I’m just looking sales objection, is to make them feel welcome; but not too enthusiastic which’ll in fact turn them off.


To make a good impression in sales, it’s important to meet people where they’re at body language, tonality, and verbally.


Be warm and welcoming, but not to the point where it looks like you’re just greeting them to make a quick sale.


Simply let them know to feel welcome about looking around, and then ask the what you may be able to help them with.


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The I’m Just Looking Statement



The next step will generally be the potential client or customer giving you the I’m just looking sales objection.


Once they say this, most salespeople make a grave mistake.


They say no problem, and then carry on with their business and leave the potential client to be.


Instead – simply let them know that that’s OK, and that most people initially come into the store to also have a look.


By letting them know it’s fine and perfectly OK, you put them at ease by demonstrating that you’re not going to try and push a sale down their throat.


This helps maintain rapport and positions you as a person who’s there to serve their needs, versus someone trying to make a quick sale.


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Finalising The I’m Just Looking Sales Objection By Asking The Question



Finally, once they’ve given you the I’m just looking sales objection, reply with a question.


After following step 2, being you let them know that’s perfectly normal and OK, simply ask them what they were looking for in particular; is it a (insert product you sell) or (insert other product you sell).


By giving them two examples of your products, they generally would answer one of the products in which you sell.


What you’ve strategically done, is made them visualise what it is that you’re selling, asked them to simply let you know which one they’d be more interested in.


Once they inform you what they’re interested in, simply start your steps in the sales process, so that you can help learn why they want that product or solution in a consultative way.


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Final Thoughts On The I’m Just Looking Sales Objection



The I’m just looking sales objection is a common statement you’ll hear in car show rooms, retail, or other places you sell products.


It’s important to be mindful that the objection is first a smokescreen; meaning it’s used to hide their real objection, being buyer’s resistance.


For this reason, let them know you’re there to help them, that it’s normal to just want to look, and then get specific about what it is they may be looking for.


To learn more about handling sales objections, read the linked article below for more detail.


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