How To Sell In Person – A Step By Step Guide

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how to sell in person

How To Sell In Person – A Step By Step Guide

If you’re new to sales, you may be struggling with the idea about how to sell in person. Meeting new people every day – from different backgrounds and different personalities may seem daunting.


In this guide, we’re going to show you a step by step process to follow, to help you on your way to learn how to sell in person.



How To Sell In Person – A Step By Step Guide



Who are your potential clients?



The first thing you need to be doing, is finding out who your ideal clients would be.


There would be no point learning how to sell in person if you’re going to speak with people who have absolutely no need or desire for your product or service.


Get clear on who your ideal prospect would be. Three questions you may want to ask are:


  • Who are your current customers: Learn about them, and what they have in common
  • Can they refer you to similar clients?: People hang out with people similar to themselves; find out if there’s some potential there
  • Start prospecting for your ideal clients






Once you know who your ideal clients are, you’ll need to start prospecting daily to get in touch; and depending on what you sell, either get them face to face or on the phone.


Prospecting comes in two forms:


  • Outbound prospecting
  • Inbound prospecting


To learn how to prospect correctly, read our article here for more details.



How to sell in person – use a sales process



Are you currently winging it with your sales, or are you following a sales process?


A sales process is a step-by-step system to get results.


The difference between a normal step-by-step process, and a proven and excellent process, is that the second focuses on consistently finding the right type of clients.


Many Sales Professionals still follow old school methods, which consistent of the following:


  • Rapport
  • Presenting
  • Handling objections
  • Trying to close


This outdated model should have stayed back there in the 1980’s!


Instead, you should follow a consultative sales approach, like the one we teach at The 5% Institute.


The 5% Sales Blueprint teaches the following steps:


  • Rapport
  • Setting pre-frames
  • Asking open ended questions
  • Money talk
  • Presenting
  • Handling objections
  • Asking for the order


This model as mentioned, is a more human approach rather than a pushy, salesy type approach. Learning this approach will teach you how to sell in person a lot easier, rather than hoping something sticks.



Want to learn how to sell in person? Invest in training



Would you go to a doctor who last trained 20 years ago and hasn’t done any training since?


Or perhaps have a lawyer defend you in court who hasn’t done any extra training within the last 5 years?


Of course not.


However, so many salespeople operate day to day with little to no training.


It’s important to ensure you keep up to date with training, and invest in your personal development.


If you want to learn how to sell in person using the steps mentioned, register for our 7 day sales challenge here.



Want To Close Sales Easier?



Are you committed to closing sales a lot easier, and consistently?


If so, you should check out our self-paced and affordable online sales training program; The 5% Sales Blueprint.


It’ll give you everything you need to close sales consistently.


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