How To Ask For A Sale – 5 x Questions To Use

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How To Ask For A Sale

How To Ask For A Sale – 5 x Questions To Use

One of the most critical parts of sales training, is learning how to ask for a sale.


Without the close; your discovery call and everything else after may be wasted time, so learning how to ask effectively is critical for consistent sales.


In this article, you’ll learn five ways how to ask for a sale in a non-pushy and consultative approach.



Pro Tip – The Sale Happens Before You Ask



Before you learn how to ask for a sale, it’s important to know that the sale generally happens before you even ask.


If you’re leaving the opportunity to win the client completely at the end of your sales conversation – you’re potentially following an older methodology.


Instead; we recommend that you use a new consultative style.


This means using various techniques and a process that helps you win the sale during your sales conversation – and then use your closing questions to formally enrol and win the new client.


To learn how to do so, we recommend reading the three linked articles below for more detail. These will teach you key tips and techniques to close more consistently.


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Positioning In Sales – How To Sell Effectively


Tie Down Sales Techniques – Your Ultimate Guide



How To Ask For A Sale – 5 x Questions To Use



Below are five excellent questions if you’re wishing to learn how to close effectively.


The reason we teach Sales Professionals and Business Owners wanting to learn how to ask for the sale these particular questions, is because they’re consultative, non-pushy, and you won’t risk breaking rapport by asking them.



How To Ask For A Sale Question #1



The first on our “how to ask for a sale” question list, is “Would you like my help with fixing <insert problem/ pain point>”?


This is an excellent question for a few reasons.


Firstly, instead of pitching your services or offer – you’re coming at it from a position of serving and solving a problem.


Your potential client is speaking with you because they have a pain point and want it solved.


By coming in from a solution point of view, you’re keeping the conversation focused on them – rather than focusing it on you.


Secondly, it’ll qualify whether or not they’re actually interested in solving their problem.


If they’re not particularly keen on your product or service but do want the issue solved, then it allows you the opportunity to revisit your sales process and perhaps present better or handle any objections they may have.



How To Ask For A Sale Question #2



The second on our “how to ask for a sale” question list, is “If we could find a way to deal with your <insert area of concern>, would you be happy to proceed”?


This is a great question because it doesn’t necessarily ask them for too much of a commitment too soon.


It will clearly let you know whether you’ve got someone keen in buying or not, or what you may need to re-explore to get them interested in making a buying decision.



Question #3



The third on our question list, is “Based on your feedback and our solution to your issue; would you agree that we’re probably the right fit for you”?


This question works because it insinuates that the decision is theirs – and it’s easier to sell someone on an idea when it’s their idea, versus trying to close someone purely on your idea.



How To Ask For A Sale Question #4



The fourth on our list, is “Do you think it makes sense to give us a try – so we can help solve <insert their issue> for you”?


This especially works if your next step is going to be asking them to sign some kind of contract or agreement, because it leans on a small commitment – being asking them to help you try.


By asking for a large commitment, it can sometimes trigger a flight or fight approach.


Asking for the sale in a way that shows low friction commitment will make it easier to consistently close more people.



How To Ask For A Sale Question #5



The final of our “how to ask for a sale” question list is a very simple one.


It is “What do you think should happen next”?


This is a low resistance, open ended question that also opens up the opportunity for more conversation.


I particularly like using this question if you have a feeling that they’re not completely sold on an idea, and you want to turn the conversation back to visiting their pain points and what they’re hoping to achieve.


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Final Thoughts



Our list of questions will help you close more sales in a consultative manner, without being pushy or breaking rapport.


Do you have any other recommendations?


If so, feel free to share them in the comments.


Furthermore – if you know someone who would benefit from this article, feel free to share it with them.



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