Close That Sale – 5 x Questions To Help You Win

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Close That Sale – 5 x Questions To Help You Win

In this article, we’ll explore five consultative questions to help you close that sale – without being pushy.


Prior to looking at the questions you can ask to help you close that sale, it’s first important to cover the sales process you’ll need to use prior.


If you want to close that sale – and all other sales on a consistent basis, it’s crucial to follow a step by step sales process.



Close That Sale – Your Sales Process



As mentioned, if you want to close that sale as well as other future sales on a consistent basis, you’ll be required to follow a consistent sales system or sales process.


Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners struggle with selling, because they generally wing it with their sales approach.


One day they’ll follow one conversation format – and then on another day, they’ll approach a new potential client completely different.


This inconsistent approach will give you inconsistent results, so we highly recommend that if you want to close that sale, that you have a framework to use when having sales conversations.


At The 5% Institute, we teach a sales process called The 5% Sales Blueprint.


The format looks like this:


  • Prospecting
  • Rapport
  • Qualifying & Pre-frame
  • Power questions
  • Talking about money
  • Presenting
  • Handling objections
  • Asking for the sale



To learn more about the sales process is more detail so you can close that sale in a consultative way, check out the linked article below.


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Close That Sale – 5 x Questions To Help You Win



Below are five questions we recommend you use to close that sale.


The reason we recommend these five closing questions, is because:


  • They are consultative
  • It doesn’t push your potential client into a corner
  • They open dialogue, rather than create a flight or fight response


Read on below to learn how.



Close That Sale – Question 1



“Would you like my help fixing <insert problem or issue>?”


This question will help you close that sale if you’ve successfully built rapport, focused on the pain points they’ve responded with when answering your questions, and when you’ve presented in a way that bridges the gap from where they are to where they want to be.


Unless they give you a flat out no, they may also bring up their areas of concern here.


If they do, follow our objections handling framework and then ask for sale again.


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Close That Sale – Question 2



“If we could solve your <insert area of concern>, would you be happy to proceed?”


Much like the first question; this question can help you close that sale by identifying what potential sales objections they may have, or what else needs to happen prior to moving forward.


If they don’t open up here and inform you that they want to think about it, it could most probably mean you didn’t dig deep enough to learn about their pain points, or your sales presentation didn’t bridge the gap enough.


To learn how to present in a way that achieves this, read the linked article below.


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Closing Question 3



“Based on what we’ve discussed today and our solution to your issue, would you agree that we probably are the right fit for your business?”


If you wish to close that sale using this closing question, it’s important that you cover two important subjects.


First, you need to have had an excellent sales presentation that demonstrates how your product or service will specifically solve each of the issues they’ve raised.


When presenting your solution, don’t just focus on your features and benefits.


More importantly just like a medical professional would, prescribe your solution in a way that solves their problems.


Secondly when finishing the question, use a tie down.


A tie down is when you ask a question in a way that gets agreement from your potential client.


The aim isn’t necessarily yes – but more importantly getting on the same page regarding agreement.


You can learn more about using tie down sales techniques below.


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Closing Question 4



“Based on what we’ve discussed today – would you agree that it’s worth working with us to deliver what you need?”


This question will help you close that sale in the same way question three does.


It has a tie down at the end of the question and is asked to get agreement and be on the same page.


The question also doesn’t push them into a corner, and openly asks for dialogue if required.


Its simple, yet effective.


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Close That Sale – Question 5



“What happens next?”


This question can be used to close that sale if you’re not 100% sure how they may have absorbed your sales presentation.


If your potential client is quiet at the end of your sales presentation and doesn’t ask any questions – you may be in trouble!


However, we don’t want to jump to conclusions or make assumptions, and this question can help guide you with how they may be feeling.


By asking what happens next, you’ll have your finger on the pulse as to where they may be feeling on the buyer’s journey – they could potentially have objections or may need to speak with someone else.


If they do need to speak to another decision maker, we recommend you change your approach for the next sales conversation.


In The 5% Sales Blueprint, we teach our students to pre-frame early.


A part of the pre-frame is to ensure that all decision makers are present prior to your sales conversation, so you can prevent the “I need to speak with” sales objection from coming up later.


To learn more about how you can approach this, read the related article below.


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Final Thoughts



These closing questions will not only help you close that sale, but consistently close other sales too in a consultative manner.


If you’re interested in learning more about how you can enhance your sales process, register for the 7 day sales challenge here.



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