Hot Buttons – Your Ultimate Guide

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Hot Buttons meaning

Hot Buttons – Your Ultimate Guide

If you’ve been involved in sales for a while, you may be familiar with the term hot buttons.


But what do hot buttons mean?


And more importantly in a sales context – how do you use this throughout your sales process?


In this article, we’ll unpack the meaning of hot buttons, as well as what you need to do to use them during your sales conversations.



Hot Buttons – Your Ultimate Guide



What Do Hot Buttons Mean?



Put simply; hot buttons in a sales context means something that your potential client views as very important.


Generally, hot buttons are emotional drivers, and are based around the two driving forces behind why they want to find a solution.


The reason why they’re called hot buttons, is because it’s metaphorically a ‘button you can press’ to slowly guide your potential client towards the sale.


We’ll cover this more as well as how to use it during your sales conversations.



Hot Buttons Are Generally Emotional



Although your potential clients (especially during a complex sales process) do buy for logical reasons; generally, the driving forces behind a buying decision are emotional.


Human beings are emotional creatures.


We buy things because we feel an emotional need, and more importantly – we give meaning to what it will mean when we own a product or service.


During your sales conversations, whether it be asking questions or when they’re explaining their issues, you’ll notice emotional reasons as to why they’re looking to buy.


These are hot buttons.


Hot buttons most of the time are the emotional reasons as to why a person wants to make a change and thus, make a buying decision.



The Two Emotional Drivers



As mentioned, hot buttons generally come from a place of emotion, and there are two distinct and foundational drivers behind why people buy.


These are pain, and also pleasure.


Our brains are hardwired to avoid discomfort, loss, angst, and anything else that may make us feel emotional or physical pain.


People don’t buy products or services as such – instead we buy what it’ll mean when we own something, and the pain it’ll alleviate.


Secondly – people buy for gain, or pleasure.


What positivity, and good feelings will it mean when they own what it is that you’re selling?


By learning these hot buttons, you can further drill down and focus on the meaning behind this (in their eyes, not yours), and slowly guide your potential client towards the sale.


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How To Find Hot Buttons



Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners make the mistake of going into their sales conversations, with the intent of doing most of the talking.


They think that by presenting their products or services and focusing on the features and benefits, they will arouse their potential clients into wanting to buy.


We recommend using a different, more consultative approach.


Consultative selling is going into a sales conversation with the intent of offering a prescription to their problems and pain points.


The way in which we do this and find their hot buttons to guide them towards the sale – is by asking probing questions.


Probing questions are deep diving questions you ask to learn the real meaning behind the emotional desire as to why they want to buy.


By asking these questions, you’ll be able to see on the surface which issues are important to them, and then what you should drill down and ask more questions and focus on.


Hot buttons allow you to navigate your sales questions in a way, that make the sales conversation meaningful.


It becomes about them – rather than you presenting your offer prematurely in regard to what you assume may be important to them.


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Hot Buttons – Our Final Thoughts



Hot buttons are an excellent guide to use during your sales conversations, so that you can ask the right questions and learn their emotional reasons behind why they’re interested in buying.


Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners make the mistake of making the conversation centred around themselves.


This makes your potential clients put off; and ultimately costs you the sale.


Hot buttons allow you to know whether you’re heading in the right direction – and whether you can in fact help your potential client solve their pain points and needs.



Want To Learn How To Sell Better?



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