8 x Must Use Trial Closing Questions For Sales Success

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8 x Must Use Trial Closing Questions For Sales Success

Trial closing questions are an excellent question type to add to your overall sales conversations and sales strategy; because when used right – they work!


Good trial closing questions open up dialogue with your potential clients and help them sell themselves on whatever product or service you may be selling.


In this article, we’re going to look at 8 x must use trial closing questions, so that you can close a lot more easier, and consistently.



What Are Trial Closing Questions?



Put simply – trial closing questions are sales questions you ask your potential clients, that make the assumption that they’re going to proceed with the sale, or that they will make some kind of buying decision.



Why Trial Closing Questions Work So Well



Also known as assumptive closing questions; trial closing questions are very effective because it puts the potential client in a ‘buying state of mind’.


If your potential clients can imagine themselves owning what you’re selling, it makes the sales process a whole lot easier.


One of the reasons as to why Sales Professionals and Business Owners fall short with making sales, is because they don’t know how to get their potential clients to see themselves with your products or services.


Trial closing questions help solve this.



8 x Must Use Trial Closing Questions For Sales Success



#1 – ‘When would be a good time to start?’



This is an excellent trial closing question, because it makes the assumption that your potential client is looking to start with your product or service quite soon.


It also encourages fast action, helping shorten the sales cycle.



#2 – ‘In regard to everything we’ve discussed so far – how does it all sound?’



This trial closing question works, because it does two distinct things.


First; it helps get agreement from your potential client, which can help put them in a state of agreement later when you’re asking other closing questions.


Secondly – it allows you to get back on track if you’ve lost them along the way and gives you the opportunity to clarify anything if it doesn’t make sense to them.



#3 – ‘Can you see why this would be of benefit to you so far?’



This makes our list of trial closing questions, because it has two excellent benefits.


First, it makes the assumption that there are benefits of owning your product or service.


Secondly, it asks them to explain the benefits of owning your product or service.


If they start explaining the benefits, they start selling themselves on what they should buy.



#4 – ‘How does this/ that sound?’ – A simple yet effective trial closing question



Throughout your sales conversations, we recommend using the ‘How does this/ that sound?’ trial closing question because it gauges where they are in regard to proceeding.


A mistake a lot of Sales Professionals and Business Owners make, is that they assume that everything is going Ok – only to learn later that they lost the prospect a long time ago.


Using this trial close helps gauge if you’re on track, and whether you should steer things in a different direction.



#5 – ‘Do you see what I mean?’



Another simple trial closing question and works by getting agreement from your potential client.


The more agreement you get during your sales conversations, the easier it will be to get them to agree to buy when you ask for the sale later.



#6 – ‘Were you looking at getting started on the [insert date]?’



This trial closing question works very well, because it makes the assumption that they already have made a buying decision – and that all they need to tell you is when they’re exactly looking at getting started.



#7 – ‘How do you feel about the product/ solution so far?’



This is a trial closing question you would use during your presentation.


We recommend keeping your sales presentations towards the end of your sales process, so that you come from a position of prescribing your offer.


As per our article in Entrepreneur – a lot of Sales Professionals and Business Owners make the mistake of presenting too early.


This makes you look needy – and positions you as a commodity.


Always keep your presentation towards the end, and present in a way that prescribes how you will solve their problems, rather than hoping that it will.



#8 – ‘How do you feel about everything so far?’ – An Emotive Trial Closing Question



This question works wonders, because it gets down to the driving motivation behind why someone would buy.


By using the word ‘feel’ – you ask for the emotional feelings behind how everything sits with them so far.


People buy for emotional reasons, and then justify their emotions with logic.


By asking what emotional feelings they have towards your product or service, you help them sell themselves on why you should be their buying option.



Trial Closing Questions – Our Final Thoughts



Trial closing questions are excellent because they do two distinct things to help you close more sales.


First – they make the assumption that your potential client is in the state of mind of making a purchasing decision.


By framing the conversation this way – it helps make them feel comfortable that they can buy, without having to wait until a later date.


Secondly – it uses the powerful sales strategy we teach, of helping guide people to sell themselves.


A lot of Sales Professionals and Business Owners make the mistake of trying to do all the selling.


Instead, we encourage you to help people sell themselves; and use the questions in this article to help you achieve this.



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