5 X Ingredients To Enhance Your Sales Motivation

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5 X Ingredients To Enhance Your Sales Motivation

Whether you’re an absolute stud performer or fairly new to your sales role, it’s completely natural that your sales motivation will dwindle from time to time.


The reason being is we get stuck in our day to day activities of prospecting and speaking with potential clients; and then lose sight of the reason why we may be in sales in the first place.


This article isn’t written to give you a quick pump up which will be short lived (there’s plenty of that stuff already out there).


Instead, I want to give you some key ingredients that are tangible and can actually help you stay motivated long term – and during both the tough and trying periods.



5 X Ingredients To Enhance Your Sales Motivation



Sales Motivation Tip #1 – Your Vision



The first thing you’re going to have to do if you’re serious about your sales motivation and wanting to turn things up a notch, is get crystal clear on your personal vision.


What does this mean?


What do you want to personally achieve in your life? Do you want a lifestyle business, or do you want a performance business?


A lifestyle business isn’t about the hard hustle, and is about allocating resources to other people, or automated systems so you’re not trading all your time for money.


A performance business is one that is very time demanding, yet can be very lucrative if you play all your cards right. This may also mean you’ll need to spend a lot of time to get to this point.


You might make or money this way, but you probably will have to trade a lot of time to get there.


There’s no right or wrong choice – it’s purely personal preference.


If you’re not clear on your vision, your sales motivation will constantly dwindle because you’re not going to be aligned and congruent with what you want to actually achieve.


Getting clear on this is crucial before you can start focusing on the other steps below.


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Sales Motivation Tip #2 – Your Goals



The reason why goal setting can feel un-sexy, is because we subconsciously associate pain with it when we’re planning it out.


This causes us to avoid learning or mapping out our goals, which in turn – hurts our sales motivation.


After you understand your vision, you’ll be able to start becoming clearer on the types of goals you may want to achieve to make your vision a reality.


When setting your goals, you need to ensure they’re based on the SMART Acronym. This means that they are:


  • Specific– Clear on the goal you want to achieve
  • Measurable– There’s a clear way that you can tell whether you’ve achieved it or not
  • Achievable– This doesn’t have to be purely focused on you; perhaps there’s someone else who can help you achieve this
  • Relevant– Is the goal relevant to your vision?
  • Time Bound– A goal without a time-based date is merely a dream



Sales Motivation Tip #3 – Teamwork



As mentioned in the SMART Acronym above, you don’t need to completely rely on yourself to make your vision and goals a reality. An important ingredient in your consistent sales motivation approach, is to surround yourself with people who can make your vision a reality.


If you need to learn how to prospect better, you can do so by investing in programs to teach you how to do this?


Perhaps you need graphic design or a website set up? If so, you could easily find a designer on platforms such as UpWork, Freelancer or Fiverr to help you achieve this.


Finding the right team is crucial for your sales motivation and success.


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Tip #4 – Don’t Micromanage Your People



In the New York Times and Wall St Journal bestselling book Drive, author Daniel Pink explains that one of the more important ingredients for motivation is for people to work with autonomy.


When you micromanage others, you erode their feeling of independence which contributes to them feeling demotivated.


If you’re in a sales role and your Sales Manager is constantly breathing down your neck, giving you constant direction without feeling like you have the room to achieve what you need to do, you’re going to have a massive lack of sales motivation.


Keep in mind the importance of autonomy, and gently communicate this importance (or simply share this article) with whomever needs to be reminded of this.


An important note; for autonomy to truly work, you need to hold yourself accountable with your vision, goals, and your personal metrics.



Sales Motivation Tip #5 – Get The Right Training



It still surprises me how many Sales Professionals work without using a proven formula.


You can’t get to your desired outcome, without using a map to do so.


The business landscape can be very tricky, and not to mention – extremely competitive.


Following a sales process is crucial for your sales success.


When you follow a sales process, you’ll consistently get proven results, which in turn gives you certainty about your sales goals and vision.


When you have this security and certainty, you’ll have stronger sales motivation to keep pushing, because it’ll be clear to you how you’re going to achieve and make it happen.


Follow a proven sales process and get the right sales training.



Final Thoughts



These five areas are crucial to help you with your sales motivation; and not just to get things on track, but also help you stay motivated for the long term.


Do you have any other tips that work for you?


If so, feel free to share them in the comments.



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