Words That Sell – Use These To Increase Your Sales

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Words That Sell – Use These To Increase Your Sales

In this article, you’ll learn a variety of words that sell in both your sales conversations, as well as in writing.


The type of language we use; both in our conversations with potential clients, as well as what we write for our ads are very important, as it can create emotion and persuade people to buy.


In this article, we’ll be covering words that sell in your sales conversations, as well as words that sell in replacement of usual words you may use in your copy writing.



Words That Sell – Use These To Increase Your Sales



Their Name



One of the most powerful words that sell, is using the potential clients name during your sales conversations.


Dale Carnegie famously said, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language”.


Using a person’s name can make your conversation a little less formal and create an environment where its just human to human conversation – which can help ease any tension they may in your sales conversation.


Use their name when able to; but don’t over do it either as this may break rapport.






The word Because is another powerful word to add to the list of words that sell, because it influences persuasion.


Human beings are meaning making machines – we create meaning both consciously and subconsciously based on everything that happens around us.


Due to this fact; when we make a statement and back it up with a ‘because’ and reason why, our statement now becomes a lot more powerful because we have given it meaning.


In Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion; Cialdini cites a study which was performed by Ellen Langer at Harvard.


Langer asked to push in line while using a photocopier. When she didn’t give a reason why she needed to, 60% of people agreed.


When Langer gave a reason – in this case a because, she increased it to 94%!


Add it to your words that sell list – you’ll be pleased you did.






If you’re familiar with reading my articles, you’ll probably notice that when I refer to a person who may buy (a prospect), I use the word client instead of customer.


The word client is another important addition to the words that sell, because it can make people feel a lot more valued and important.


A customer is often recognised as a person who buys a thing, and then moves on. A commodity perse.


A client however is referred to a person you look after; someone who see’s you as a trusted adviser, and someone you cherish.


Replace the word customer with client where necessary.






FOMO – or fear of missing out, is another important example of words that sell.


Studies in psychology show that people place a higher perception on things that are in limited supply and will try to buy something if they think they’ll miss out on the opportunity in the future.


If something is limited; whether it be your time as a service provider or what you have in stock, let your potential clients know. It’ll increase its value.



Replacement Words That Sell



There are words that sell – and then there are words that hurt your sales too.


Below is a list of words that may harm your sales, and alternative words that sell in their place.


  • Contract = use agreement instead of possible
  • Cheap = use economical
  • People who bought = people who invested or enrolled
  • Price = use investment
  • Customers = as mentioned, use clients



Discount Type Words That Sell



  • Private sale
  • Final clearance
  • One-day sale
  • Exclusive members-only sale
  • New low price



Appealing Words That Sell



  • Special
  • Delightful
  • Amazing
  • Wonderful
  • Adorable
  • Satisfying
  • Irresistible



Status Type Words That Sell



  • Elite
  • Outstanding
  • Accomplished
  • Celebrated
  • Respected
  • Significant
  • Important
  • Influential



Final Thoughts



These words that sell can be used in your sales conversations, throughout your sales process, ad copy, as well as across other written mediums you may use when trying to influence a potential client to take action.


Do you recommend any others?


If so, feel free to share them in the comments.



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