Technology Sales – 5 x Points To Close More Often

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Technology Sales – 5 x Points To Close More Often

Many Sales Professionals make common mistakes with their technology sales efforts.


They often get down ‘in the weeds’ of specifics and technical talk, and a lot of the time use jargon – which further confuses your potential client, preventing them from taking action.


So, what’s the best way to approach your potential clients with technology sales?


In this article, you’ll learn what to avoid with technology sales, and the best approach and positioning needed to help you win more clients on a consistent basis.



Mistakes People Make With Technology Sales



Some of the more common mistakes people make with technology sales are generally two-fold.


First – they focus on selling their features and benefits and talk about what their technology services can do for their potential client.


Although you’ll need to get to a stage where you’re discussing how you can help them – many Sales Professionals do this to early and lose the opportunity and sale.


As per our article in Entrepreneur, we call this ‘Premature Presentation’.


This is when you sell your features and benefits without deep diving into what it actually is your potential client is wanting to buy.


Focusing purely on features and benefits is detrimental to your sales efforts. We’ll discuss what to do instead shortly.


Secondly, many Sales Professionals involved in technology sales use jargon.


There’s a common misconception out there that by using jargon, it’ll make you ‘seem smart’ and more than capable of doing the work.


Instead – it actually backfires.


When you use language that your potential client doesn’t understand, you confuse them.


And a confused person doesn’t buy.



Technology Sales – 5 x Areas To Focus On To Close More Often



We’ve identified five key areas to help guide you with your technology sales activities.



Technology Sales Tip #1 – Qualify Early



If you want to be effective with your time, money and resources in technology sales, you need to learn how to qualify your potential clients as early as possible.


Sales Professionals and Business Owners often make the mistake of talking to an ‘interested potential client’; only to learn at the end of their sales conversation that they don’t have the authority to buy or can’t even afford what you’re selling.


The reason so many Sales Professionals make this mistake, is because they think that every lead is a potential client; this mindset can in fact hurt your sales, and waste valuable time.


Ensure you have a system and process in place to qualify sales leads.


We recommend using what IBM initially came up with for their Sales Professionals, called BANT. It stands for:


  • B: Budget
  • A: Authority
  • N: Need
  • T: Time-frame


To learn how to effectively qualify your sales leads, read the related article below for more detail.


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Tip #2 – Maintain Rapport



As previously mentioned, one of the things that can quickly derail your efforts in technology sales, is using jargon that your potential client doesn’t understand.


It doesn’t make you look smart – it just makes them feel silly and breaks rapport.


Rapport is a key ingredient for consistent selling, because people buy from people they like and trust.


Instead of using jargon; how can you break the feature and benefit down to demonstrate what it means?


By making your services understandable, you’ll relate to everyone you’re speaking with who may be involved in the buying decision.


Your role as a person in technology sales is to make the complicated, seem uncomplicated.


The easier you simplify, the higher the chance they’ll buy.



Tip #3 – Set A Pre-Frame



Something we teach in our online sales program called The 5% Sales Blueprint, is that you want to set up a pre-frame as soon as possible.


In technology sales, you’ll most probably have to sit down and have an extensive conversation with your potential clients.


We like to call this deep dive conversation ‘the frame’.


You’ll ask questions to understand where they’re at, the issues they face, where they want to be, and then frame the conversation in a way that shows you to be the solution for what they need (if you can in fact help them).


A pre-frame is the conversation to have prior to the deep dive conversation.


In this conversation, you want to set up what they can expect from you, and what you would like to expect from them.


Doing so can minimise the opportunity for objections to come up later, ensure decision makers are present, and also help position you as a specialist rather than just another commodity.


To learn how to set a pre-frame and position yourself correctly, read the article linked directly below.


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Technology Sales Tip #4 – Use A Sales Process



One of the most important things you can learn in sales; whether you’re involved in technology sales or anything in general, is to use a consistent sales process.


A sales process, also known as a sales framework; is a step by step system that guides your potential client towards the sale, as well as directs you on the steps needed to close the sale.


Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners have inconsistent sales results, because they wing it with their sales process.


By mixing up your process, you’ll have mixed results.


The trick to ensure you’re consistent, is to use a consistent system. Although there are various types of sales processes out there, we teach something called The 5% Sales Blueprint.


The steps include:


  • Building rapport
  • Setting a pre-frame
  • Asking questions to find pain
  • Learning about their desired result
  • Talking about money
  • Presenting your solution
  • Handling objections
  • Asking for the sale


This system ensures you don’t present any technology solutions until the very end; when you know exactly what they’re trying to solve or wanting to buy.


Many Sales Professionals involved in technology sales use an old school, back to front sales process.


They present early, ask questions, and then try and ask for the sale.


Instead, we highly recommend asking questions to reveal deep down what it is they’re trying to resolve.

By doing so, you can speak to the actual pain points, rather than what they’re telling you on the surface.



Tip #5 – Sell The Meaning



Finally, our last tip to help you with your technology sales efforts, is to sell what it is they’re actually wanting to buy.


People don’t buy technology.


They don’t buy your features and benefits either.


Instead – they buy what it will mean when they own that technology.


What does it mean when they own whatever it is that you’re selling?


When presenting your product or service, ensure you effectively demonstrate the meaning of owning whatever it is that you’re selling.


By showing them what it will mean, you’ll alleviate any assumptions – which much like avoiding jargon, will help your potential clients from becoming confused.



Final Thoughts On Our Technology Sales Tips



These five tips will help guide you with your technology sales efforts, because they focus on using not only a systematic approach, but also getting to the core reason as to why they want to buy.


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