Left A Voicemail? What To Do Next

The 5% InstituteLead Generation Left A Voicemail? What To Do Next
Left A Voicemail? What To Do Next

Left A Voicemail? What To Do Next

Left a voicemail for your potential client during your cold calling efforts?


What should you do next?


In this article, we’ll explore what to do directly after you’ve left a voicemail, and then what to do again for your third attempt.



Before You Left A Voicemail – Did You Follow A System?



Many Sales Professionals and Business Owners go about cold calling incorrectly. Then they get to the point where they’ve left a voicemail – and don’t hear back.


An important part of any sales process – is both structure and consistency.


The same should be true for your cold calling efforts.


We don’t recommend using sales scripts, as these can sound robotic to your potential clients, and break rapport.


Instead, we recommend using a sales framework.


A framework is a process or system to use, that guides you step by step like a checklist.


This helps you get consistency, and better results with your cold calling activities.



First – This Is What Should You Do Prior



Before you left a voicemail for your prospective client, it’s important to have followed a cold calling structure.


Below is an outline of the steps we recommend you take.


Research: learn about your potential client, and whether or not they’ll greatly benefit from what you’re selling.


Warm them up: we recommend reaching out softly with an email first, to build up some familiarity.


Don’t pitch right away: prior to going into sales mode; start by building some rapport.


Rapport: people buy from people they like and trust.


Reason: let them know why you’re calling, and the importance of the call.


Sell the next step: instead of selling your product or service; sell the next step – be it a meeting, longer phone conversation, or potential demonstration.


To learn each of these steps in more detail, read the linked article directly below.


Further reading: How To Cold Call – A Step By Step Guide



Left A Voicemail? What To Do Next



After you’ve left a voicemail, you can call them again, however we recommend waiting a few days so that you don’t pester them or come across too aggressive with your approach.


Instead of using a script, just keep it really simple.


Just politely let them know who you are, that you left a voicemail the other day, what the call was about, and how they can get in contact with you again.


It’s that easy.



Your Final Call



After you left a voicemail for the second time, this would be your third and final call.


We don’t recommend calling over and over, as this will come across as too pushy, and won’t help your sales positioning strategy as it’ll make you look desperate.


As you’ve left a voicemail for the second time, I would keep the third voicemail just as simple and straight forward.


Simply let them know again that you’ve left a voicemail in regard to what it is that you wanted to discuss with them, and how they can get in contact with you if they wish to do so.


If you don’t get a call again – simply let it be and continue with your sales prospecting activities.



After You’ve Left A Voicemail – Our Final Thoughts



Sales is all about using processes and systems; and the same is true after you’ve left a voicemail.


Remember to always keep things simple, sell the next step, and move on after the third attempt.



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Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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