“Just Give Me A Price” – How To Respond The Right Way

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Just Give Me A Price - How To Respond

“Just Give Me A Price” – How To Respond The Right Way

In this article, you’ll learn how to respond to the “Just give me a price” statement in a way that’s not pushy and won’t position you just as another commodity.


Prior to learning how to respond to the “Just give me a price” statement, we’ll first unpack why potential clients do this, and why it’s important that you don’t just go along with the question/ statement.


This article is designed to help you if you’re in a service based business, and not purely a retail environment where you may sell products at a fixed price.



“Just Give Me A Price” – Why They Ask This



The reason why a potential client will ask the “Just give me a price” question, is because they’re not shopping on quality or an outcome.


Usually, it means that they’re shopping on price alone.


As you would know, the cheapest doesn’t usually mean the best for what a person or business needs.


It’s important in both business and sales, not to position yourself purely on price alone.


Although price can be an excellent unique selling proposition – purely positioning your offer on price alone can be a sure way to win the race to the bottom.


For example – we sell an online sales course at a price a lot more affordable than the competition.


However; we don’t just position ourselves on the price only.


We articulate clearly all the other bonuses and modules you’ll get which will help you learn exactly how to close more sales, consistently.


Price can be and is a good strategy.


However, it shouldn’t be your only unique selling point.


Your offer should always deliver a ‘wow’ effect, and pricing can help with this.


But it should always be paired up with other value, and not purely a stand-alone feature.



Why You Should Avoid Just Going Ahead With The Statement



The reason as to why you should avoid going ahead with the “Just give me a price” statement, is the moment you give them a price without knowing what they need solving, you go into something called ‘premature presentation’.


As per our article here; you should always present your offer or product in a way that is a solution to their problems and pain points.


By just giving them the price without knowing their issues, you’re inadvertently telling them that you don’t care about their issues, and that you just want to make a quick sale.


This isn’t selling with integrity.


Sales is about solving problems, with the best solution for that problem.


Inviting someone to buy, without knowing if you can in fact solve their problems, is a sure-fire way to hinder your sales success.



How To Respond To “Just Give Me A Price”



Now I’ll break down how to deal with the “Just give me a price” statement without breaking rapport.


When someone makes this statement, simply respond by saying:


“I’d love to have the opportunity to give you a price; however – how can I give you a price on something if I don’t know if I can help you yet?”


“If you don’t mind – I’d like to ask you a few questions first to see if I can in fact help you, and see if I can potentially solve what you’re looking for – and if I can, we can then have a conversation about price – does that work for you?”


This invites your potential client into the next steps, which we’ll cover now.



The Next Steps



If they are adamant that they just want a price and won’t go ahead with the next steps – let them know you can’t help them because you don’t know what you’re pricing on.


If they are open to having a serious conversation about how you can potentially help them, then the next steps are to qualify your potential client.


Below is a link to an article that covers this in detail.


Further reading: Qualifying Sales Leads – A Step By Step Guide



Your Sales Process



Finally – after they ask the “Just give me a price” question and you handle it using something similar to what is written above – if they are qualified, you simply use your sales process as a guideline with your sales conversations.


A sales process is a step by step sales framework, that will guide you on how to help your potential clients sell themselves on the need for a solution to their pain points.


If you can help them solve their pain – you then simply present your offer at the end and demonstrate how you’ll help them solve this.


To learn how to do this, read the linked article directly below.


Further reading: The 8 Step Sales Process – A Detailed Guide



Final Thoughts On Handling The “Just Give Me A Price” Statement



Although it may be tempting to respond to the “Just give me a price” statement; overall, it’s not worth entertaining.


This is especially true if you generally sell with face to face consultations or sell services.


If you are a retailer selling commodity like items, then there isn’t anything wrong with giving someone a price.


However, if you do sell tailored solutions, then your role is to sell the next step; being a conversation, rather than discussing price.



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