High Income Skills – 10 x To Pay The Bills

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High Income Skills – 10 x To Pay The Bills

One of the greatest things you can ever invest in, is investing in yourself by learning high income skills.


High income skills are great because you generally don’t have to go to college to learn them, they don’t cost an arm and leg to invest in, and thirdly – they’re skills that can pay you time and time again.


In this article, you’ll learn what high income skills are, as well as the ten recommended skills you should look at to potentially increase your income.



What Are High Income Skills?



Put simply; high income skills are skill sets you learn, that in turn can potentially help you charge a high-ticket price on your products or services.


A high-ticket offer is generally sold at $1000 or more.


If you get a number of these a week; you can be looking at a very healthy annual income.


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Why Are High Income Skills Valuable?



Especially if you’re selling services; high income skills are extremely valuable, because it helps you with opportunity and scale.


First; because you’ll be selling your products or services at a higher price point, the opportunity for growth is massive.


Your profit margins can be high, and this allows you the opportunity to reinvest back into your business with marketing, operations and logistics; and of course, customer experience.


This reinvestment strategy allows you to scale your business, products and services.


High income skills allow you to earn a higher income, meaning you don’t necessarily need to serve a lot of people to be able to afford the lifestyle you may be pursuing.


This makes wanting to learn high income skills very attractive; because you won’t necessarily have to work more hours to generate a higher income.


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High Income Skills – 10 x To Pay The Bills



Although there are various high income skills you could learn to make a massive difference with your income, we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten that we personally recommend.


These ten are based on opportunities for scale; and also, because they’re high income skills that can be transferable to other industries if you choose to move into something else at a later date.



#1 – The Most Valuable Of All High Income Skills: Sales



The most valuable of all high income skills you can learn, would easily be sales.


Sales is the lifeblood of any business; it’s makes the difference between a successful business and entrepreneur, or one that’ll consistently struggle.


The beauty about learning how to sell in a non-pushy and consistent way, is that it’s a transferable high income skill that you could use across whatever industry or business you get into.


Instead of just learning how to sell a specific product or service, we recommend instead that you master the sales process.


By learning the sales process, you’ll have the exact roadmap needed to sell high ticket items consistently, no matter what products or services you choose to sell.


Some sales consultants easily make a very high six figures, by selling their own products or other people’s packages.


To learn how to sell with ease, check out the linked page directly below.


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#2 – SEO



Put simply, SEO – or search engine optimisation, is the art and science of being able to rank websites on search engines.


SEO is one of our recommended high income skills because by learning how to rank websites, you can help businesses (or your own) get in front of their ideal clients when they’re making searches on Google.


Many businesses that sell SEO services charge thousands per month and serve their clients long term.


Once you learn how to do SEO; again, you can move into practically any industry, and sell your packages and services for a high-ticket price.



#3 – Digital Marketing



More and more people are buying things online, and this trend will only move upwards.


Digital marketing makes our list of high income skills, because there are still so many businesses that need help with this.


There are various ingredients involved in digital marketing, which include social media marketing and advertising, native advertising, email marketing, and of course content marketing.


It’s another transferable high income skill that can help you serve a multiple array of businesses, or individuals selling products or services.



#4 – Copywriting



One of the often-overlooked high income skills is copywriting, because unless you’re from the world of business or advertising, it’s relatively unknown.


Copywriting is the art and science of writing words to persuade people to take some kind of action.


Direct response copywriters are exactly that – they write ads, emails, blogs, or other written mediums with the intention of making a person take the next step – whether it be buying or opting in to some kind of action.


Copywriting makes our list of high income skills because it’s again, a skill that you can sell to multiple businesses.


Help people sell more of their stuff, and you’ll in turn make a lot more money!



#5 – Web Design



As previously mentioned; more and more people are only going to buy online, and a lot of businesses need help with this.


This makes our list of high income skills because your client base will generally be businesses that can afford to pay a higher price for their website.


Businesses will pay anywhere between $3000 – $10000 and even more for you to create a website for them.



#6 – Video Production



Video production make sour list of high income skills for two distinct reasons.


First, because so many businesses need help with their advertising, heling them make videos is a popular medium and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


Secondly, video producers usually charge thousands for their efforts – meaning you only need a couple of jobs per week to make an excellent income.


The beauty of this business model is that you can build a team to do a lot of the leg work for you.


However, if video production is a passion of yours – then this makes an excellent high income skill career choice and option.



#7 – Real Estate



This makes our list of high income skills because if you study how a lot of people make their wealth; you’ll notice that a lot of it is through property.


You can of course make good money by investing in real estate yourself, or by learning how to sell luxury houses or property in general and helping investors sell theirs.


If you do an excellent job, you’ll get repeat and referral business – and not to mention, an excellent commission with every sale you make.


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#8 – Coaching & Training



We can attest to coaching, as it’s one of the high income skills we’ve learnt and sell ourselves.


Businesses pay us thousands to teach them and their staff how to sell products and services, and it’s a skillset we’ve used time and time again.


There’s two ways of going about coaching.


First – you can figure out what you’re really good at and learn how to package and sell this information.


Secondly, you can list what you absolutely love that other people would pay for; and then became an absolute expert in this field.


Once you understand and master a topic; you can then sell this information to others by coaching and training.


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#9 – Financial Services



Financial services generally do require a degree or something similar, as well as licenses and insurances.


However; it makes our list of high income skills because you can sell it with a very high price tag.


People involved in financial services help people maximise their income. Your client base will generally have a bit of wealth, and won’t have a problem paying and investing for good tips on how to grow their income.


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#10 – Artificial Intelligence



Artificial, or AI; is an emerging space in computer science and will only become more and more important in the years to come.


This makes our list of high income skills because it’s going to explode; and businesses are going to pay a lot of money in the future to hire people with this skillset.


Just some examples of how AI is used include:


  • Drone operation
  • CCTV and security
  • Smart assistants like Siri and Alexa
  • Stock advising
  • Personalised healthcare
  • Marketing and advertising



High Income Skills: Our Final Thoughts



These high income skills can help you from trading time for a small hourly rate, into potentially selling products or services at a packaged rate, or final result.


This means you can charge more and use your time a lot more wisely.


As previously mentioned, our most recommended high income skill to learn would be sales.


This is because no matter how specialised you become in anything; you still need to sell it to make any money.



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