Change In Leadership? What Happens Next & How Should You Respond

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change in leadership

Change In Leadership? What Happens Next & How Should You Respond

Change in leadership?


One of the common changes that can bring about anxiety and insecurity within an established team, is when new management enter the business.


So how should you handle a change in leadership?


Should it always be a cause of concern, or should you just go about your everyday business like normal?


In this article, we’ll look at why a change in leadership can bring anxiety to a team, what to look out for when leadership changes, and what you can do as a Manager when a change in leadership occurs.



Change In Leadership? What Happens Next & How Should You Respond



Why A Change In Leadership Can Cause Anxiety?



One of the common factors that can cause an established team stress or anxiety, is when there is a change in leadership.


The first human need is the need for certainty. When there is a change in leadership, people feel unsure about what the future may look like, causing uncertainty.


As per Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, when our certainty is put at risk (security, safety in a job context), it’s a lot more difficult for us to start working on self-actualisation tasks.


These self-actualisation tasks are usually what will encompass the work in our busy day to day work lives.


Will a new Manager or leadership team cut our staff? Will our jobs be safe?


Perhaps they’ll make changes to the way we comfortable about doing our work; processes and systems that already work so well?


These are the kinds of dilemma’s and unanswered questions we face up front, that creates the anxiety and stress related to a change in leadership.



How Should You Handle A Change In Leadership?



Knowing the uncertainty it brings, how should you handle a change in leadership?


The best way to deal with this, is work on what you can in fact control.


Things you can control include:


  • The relationship with your team members
  • Your own personal attitude towards your own aspirations and goals
  • Focusing on communication – double down on communicating with your team
  • Building relationships with the new leadership
  • Learn about their needs, wants, and ideals for a positive future


By working on what you can control, you’ll give yourself certainty as this is completely within your own actions.


Focusing on what can happen or might happen when there is a change in leadership can be destructive, as you’re allowing something external to control your emotions that you have no control over.


Unfortunately, changes like this can cause stress and can be inevitable.


After all – you’re potentially putting your job’s future in someone else’s hands.


By focusing on what you can control, you give yourself the needed certainty you need during this time.


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Focus On Your Personal Development



The most important asset you can ever invest in, is yourself.


By investing in your own personal development, business management, systems management, marketing and most importantly – sales training, you’ll be able to future proof yourself from any potential changes in leadership.


Investing in yourself starts from understanding:


  • What your individual goals are
  • What makes you and your family joy
  • Of what makes you happy; what will pay the bills and give you happiness
  • Identify the subjects needed to help you bridge the gap



What To Do As A Manager



Being a Manager while undergoing a change in leadership can be daunting for two reasons.


First of all as mentioned above; you’re going to feel your own stress and uncertainty.


Secondly, you still have to manage the people that report to you.


As per our article here titled 5 X Tips For Efficiently Managing Sales Professionals, there are five areas you can focus on to successfully manage your team.


These are:


  • Having a road map and plan
  • Understand organisation goals, and your teams’ goals
  • Make training a priority
  • Create incentives
  • Be transparent and approachable


To learn more about each of these steps in depth, check out the related article below.


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Final Thoughts



A change in leadership can be a stressful time for Managers, Professionals and anyone within an organisation.


Following this guide will help you better understand how to deal with this and assist you in working on what you can control.


Give yourself certainty by investing in personal development, and you won’t stress about external changes like a change in leadership.



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