8 x Must Have Coaching Skills For Coaching Success

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8 x Must Have Coaching Skills For Coaching Success

No matter your role or employed position within a business; coaching skills are extremely valuable to have.


If you’re working with others, your communication and influence skills will be key; and enhancing your coaching skills can help you with this.


By making a conscious effort to learn some new coaching skills and more importantly – putting them into action; you’ll be on your way to better helping people become motivated to reach their desired goals.


In this article, we’ll look at the eight most important coaching skills you need to be successful at coaching.



10 x Must Have Coaching Skills For Coaching Success



1 – Not Being Judgemental



The first important coaching skill on our list, is being able to speak or mentor a person without holding judgement over the way they think, or what they’ve done.


Although we can easily say at face value that judging others won’t be a problem; trying not to be judgemental of others is actually pretty hard to do.


The reason being is due to our education, upbringing and environment; we all have subconscious standards and values.


When someone doesn’t meet these standards or values, it can be easy for us to judge them quickly without self-reflecting as to why we’re judging them in the first place.


Not being judgemental is one of the core coaching skills, because by being self-aware of our own values and standards – we can pick ourselves up on judging others early and give ourselves the opportunity to communicate to others without projecting an internal bias.



2 – Having Empathy



Similar to that of not being judgemental, another important coaching skill is being able to show empathy.


Simply put – empathy is being able to put yourself in someone’s else shoes and to see things from a different perspective.


Empathy is also connecting with others to completely understand where they’re coming from, without having a predetermined agenda.



3 – Knowing How To Ask Open Ended Questions



The ability to dive deep and ask open ended questions in one of the crucial coaching skills, because it allows you to get to the root cause of a person’s concern.


If you’re in business or a Sales Professional for example; you’ll engage with potential clients to learn what it is in fact they’re wanting to buy.


Many Sales Professionals and business owners make the mistake by talking about their product or service early, without truly learning what it is a person wants solved.


When coaching people; they’ll initially present you with an issue on the surface level.


By asking open ended questions, you’ll be able to dive deeper beneath the surface and find out where the issue is actually coming from, and what it is in fact they want solved.


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4 – Having A Growth Mindset Towards Your Coaching Skills



People who generally elicit good coaching skills, haven’t gotten there by accident.


They put the time and effort into wanting to improve who they are, and to improve how they can better serve others around them.


One of the key tips to enhance your coaching skills, is to invest in areas that you may feel you’re currently lacking, or in areas also known as conscious incompetence.


Conscious incompetence is when a person is aware that they have a knowledge gap they need to improve on. By identifying this, you now have the opportunity to improve your sales, marketing, business, and coaching skills.


A supportive coach also encourages the people around them to have a growth mindset.



5 – Resilience



Resilience is an important coaching skill, because it allows you and others to get back on track when you may feel you’ve been knocked off your initial course.


Life will throw you setbacks, so naturally one of your key coaching skills will be to lift yourself back up when this happens and have the ability to help others around you.


By assisting others (and self-reflecting) on how to learn from mistakes, you’ll be able to identify strategies and tactics to move forward without falling upon the same errors.



6 – Understanding Individuals Goals



Many business’s and organisations give their teams goals and KPI’s that they require them to reach.


This is important, and yes – is a mandatory part of any manager’s role.


However – where people generally fall short – is they don’t go deep enough to understand and learn the intrinsic goals of the individuals working within their team.


What is your people’s motivation for doing what they do? What are they trying to achieve?


By learning and understanding each individuals’ personal goals and ideal outcomes, you can identify and align your business or company’s goals with that of the individual.


If you help people achieve their goals – they’ll help you achieve yours; making this one of our crucial coaching skills.


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7 – Coaching & Developing Process Skills



To get excellent results in all aspects of coaching for both life and business, people need to have positive consistency.


The way people can get consistency, is by having a step by step framework to follow; also known as a process.


A key coaching skill is to lead people to focus on a framework or system, to get a consistent outcome.


By doing so, you can help those you coach to become self-reliant by falling back on a road map to get to where they want to be, versus having to continuously rely on others for their positive outcomes.


Systems, processes and frameworks are very important to succeed in all aspects of life.


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8 – Taking Ownership



Another of our core coaching skills, is the ability of taking ownership when things don’t go as planned.


The reason this is an important coaching skill, is because by taking ownership over an issue – you give yourself control of being able to change the situation or scenario.


By placing blame on others or an external force – we give control of the situation or scenario to others, meaning it isn’t in our power to change it.


One of your coaching skills will be to also help others take ownership over their own personal issues, so they can make decisions to change course if need be.



Coaching Skills For Coaching Success – Final Thoughts



Although there are a large variety of coaching skills you can learn and implement, we believe these eight coaching skills will help you on your way to become successful at coaching others.


You may notice the foundational principles behind all these coaching skills, is to get deep with good communication and empathy, and not show judgement when you get there.


The more you self-reflect and invest in yourself, the better you’ll become at coaching and serving others.



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