5 x Non Pushy Sales Techniques To Close Sales

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Non Pushy Sales Techniques

5 x Non Pushy Sales Techniques To Close Sales

In this article, we’ll share five non pushy sales techniques we encourage you to use regularly, so you can close sales more effectively, and in a consultative manner.


The reason we’ve called these non pushy sales techniques, is because they can give you excellent results without breaking rapport.


Read on to learn our five non pushy sales techniques, and more importantly; put them into practice so you can close more effectively and serve more people.



5 x Non Pushy Sales Techniques To Close Sales



Non Pushy Sales Techniques #1 – Handling Objections Early



The first on our list of non pushy sales techniques, is handling sales objections before they come up later.


Many Sales Professionals receive the ‘I need to think about it’ sales objection, as well as the ‘I need to speak to’ sales objection after they’ve presented their product or service.


The reason these come up, is because they don’t handle the objections early – prior to starting their deep dive sales dialogue.


Once you’ve built some quick rapport, we recommend you handle these objections prior to moving forward with your discovery call or in person conversation.


Simply ask:


  • Who else is involved in the decision of investing in this product or service?
  • If at the end of this conversation you were to find that we’re probably not a good fit – would you kindly let me know? If we’re not, it’s more than OK to let me know.


You don’t need to say this word for word verbatim; however, they are to be used as a guide to clarify two things.


Firstly, it ensures you get the decision makers present prior to asking your probing questions, which’ll handle the potential objection later.


Secondly – it allows your potential clients to feel comfortable to tell you if they don’t want to buy, which’ll prevent the ‘I need to think about’ objection later.


This makes our list of non pushy sales techniques, because by handling these up front – you’ll have a higher chance of closing the sale.



Non Pushy Sales Techniques #2 – Find Pain



The second on our list of non pushy sales techniques, is becoming a master at finding pain with their current situation.


People buy for two emotional reasons – to escape pain and move towards pleasure.


The reason by a potential client would be meeting you, is because they’re wanting a solution to some kind of pain point they’re currently dealing with.


By becoming a master at finding pain; you’ll be able to get to the emotional root cause as to why they want to make a change from their current situation.


There are three different levels of pain points.


These are:


  • Technical issues
  • An impact on their business
  • Personal impact


Generally – people will feel one of, if not all of these when they come to meet you for a solution. Your role as a Sales Professional, is to find out which they want a solution for.


To learn more about these pain point levels, as well as questions you can ask to uncover pain, read our in-depth guide on finding pain below.


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Technique #3 – Using Tie Downs



Another important addition to our list of non pushy sales techniques, is using something called tie-downs.


Commonly known as trial closes; tie down sales techniques are questions you ask at the end of a statement, which’ll get some kind of yes or agreement from your potential client.


The reason why tie-down sales techniques are so powerful, is because whenever you’re conversing with a potential client – there’s a 50% chance they’ll agree with what you’re presenting, and there’s a 50% chance they won’t.


The issue with this, is that it’s like playing roulette; they’re not good odds when playing sales.


Instead – you’ll have a higher closing rate if you can persuade your potential client to agree with you more often, as well as getting them to say yes to questions you ask – because it no longer becomes your statement; it also becomes theirs.


To learn more about tie-down sales techniques, as well as examples you too can use during your sales conversations, read the linked article below.


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Technique #4 – Become A Master At Asking Questions



The most powerful of our non pushy sales techniques we recommend you use, is becoming a master at asking the right questions, and at the right time.


As previously mentioned; people buy for their own personal reasons, and these are to find a solution to their pain and find a better outcome or future compared to their current situation.


Many Sales Professionals make the mistake of making a lot of bold statements, and assuming they know why their potential client is looking to buy.


By making these assumptions; you rob yourself of the opportunity to truly learn why they’re wanting to buy, as well as the deeper pain points they need solved.


People don’t buy products or services – they buy what it will mean when they own an outcome and solution.


You may have heard – people don’t buy a drill; they buy a hole in the wall.


Furthermore – as a Sales Professional; your role is to find out why they want that hole, and what it will mean when they have it.


By asking the right questions, you’ll be able to get them openly talking about why they’re meeting with you, what kind of issues they’re facing, how long they’ve had the pain points, and what it will mean if they don’t solve them.


These kinds of questions make our list of non pushy sales techniques, because you will be helping your potential client sell themselves; rather than you having to do all the hard selling.


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Technique #5 – Don’t Present Too Soon



Our fifth non pushy sales techniques tip is in regard to how you present your product or service.


Many Sales Professionals follow the following format:


  • They meet with their client
  • Build basic rapport
  • They start presenting, hoping something interests them
  • Ask for the sale
  • Handle objections


This model is an old-school sales methodology and won’t give you a positive closing rate.


As per our article in Entrepreneur, we write that premature presentation harms your sales because it doesn’t allow you to establish enough empathy, as well as truly learn what pain points they want solved.


Prior to presenting your product or service, you should follow a step by step sales process that allows you to get to the point of prescribing your solution – rather than hoping they’ll buy.


You can prescribe a solution, as well as position yourself as a trusted authority by following our process called The 5% Sales Blueprint.


The 5% Sales Blueprint consists of the following steps:


  • Building rapport
  • Qualifying
  • Handling objections early
  • Finding pain
  • Learning about their ideal outcomes
  • Talking about money
  • Presenting
  • Handling areas of concern
  • Asking for the sale


By following the areas mentioned all before presenting; you will build up enough value in your offer even before prescribing it as a potential solution.


Once you’ve established what their pain points are, what their ideal solution looks like – as well as what budget they’ve got to find the solution; you can prescribe your offer in a way that closes the gap from where they are, to where they need to be.


This makes our list of non pushy sales techniques because by presenting in the correct format, you’ll have a higher closing rate than prematurely presenting, and hoping something works.



Non Pushy Sales Techniques – Final Thoughts



This list of our five non pushy sales techniques will help you close more sales, because they’ll give you a consultative approach; rather than positioning yourself as just another sales person.


The aim of sales is to find pain points and prescribe solutions – just as a medical professional would do.


By positioning yourself in the same manner, you’ll be able to build trust, rapport, and brand yourself as a trusted adviser.



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