Value Messaging – Your Ultimate Guide

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Value Messaging – Your Ultimate Guide

In this article, we’ll explore what value messaging is, why it’s important, and how to can help you close more sales in a non-pushy way.


If you want to win clients – your value messaging needs to be on point.


Read on to learn how.



Value Messaging – Your Ultimate Guide



What Is Value Messaging?



Put simply; value messaging is the way in which your potential clients see your product or service, after you’ve described how it’ll help them achieve their individual wants and needs.


When you’re working on value messaging, there are two important things to take into consideration.


These are that you need to need to position yourself and your solution the right way, and you need to prescribe your solution, rather than just present it.






The first part of value messaging is that you need to understand a very important concept when it comes to demonstrating value.


That is – how are you positioning your product, service, and of course yourself fin their mind?


For example.


When people think of Mercedes Benz; what do they think?


Do they think of it as a car that’ll get them from A to B; or is the value of the vehicle maker positioned differently?


Mercedes Benz through their value messaging; have been able to surpass the cars general function.


People think that if I buy a Mercedes, it’ll mean I’ll be seen to have higher status; I’ll be seen as a success, and it’ll mean I’ll always be driving with reliable and consistent comfort.


So, the first thing you need to do, is ask – who is my potential customer or client, and what do I need to do to position myself as what they’re looking for, in both my branding, and throughout my sales process.


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Prescribing Versus Presenting



A very common mistake Sales Professionals and Business Owners make, is that they present their product or service too early.


As per our article in Entrepreneur Media; we call this Premature Presentation – and it kills your sales efforts.


For someone to see value in what it is that you’re selling, they need to know that your product or service will get them exactly the outcome that they need.


To present your value messaging correctly, you need to follow a step by step sales process, that uncovers the following.


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Finding Pain



People buy for two reasons.


To avoid pain and move toward a desired state, or positive outcome.


Even if you’re selling B2B, the everyday issues they’re facing have a personal toll on the individuals within the business.


Selling is a human to human activity.


And humans always buy to avoid pain and move towards a desired state.


When asking questions to find pain, we recommend going three layers deep to find the underlying and core reasons as to why they want to buy.


These are:


  • Their technical issues
  • How it is impacting their business or career
  • What is their personal impact


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Questions – The Key To Effective Value Messaging



Asking the right questions is one of the most important part of the sales process as well as value messaging, and a skill set that can make you very successful in the game of selling.


Questions that uncover their situation, current issues, buying process, people involved in making decisions, and why they’re looking for a solution are all important ingredients in the way you create value messaging.


In order to be successful at consistent sales, you’ll need to dive deep in regard to the issues they’re currently facing, and why they feel it’s important to find a solution to their problems.


Furthermore – by asking the right sales probing questions, you can learn what it will mean when they own a solution to their problems. This will help them sell themselves, rather than doing all the heavy lifting of trying to do all the selling.



Keep It About Them



Finally, our last tip to help you with value messaging and to close more consistent sales, is that you should do everything you can to keep the conversation about them.


As mentioned, the conversation should be focused on:


  • Their situation
  • Pain points
  • What their ideal outcomes look like
  • How much have they put aside to solve the problem
  • How much they’ve put aside to get a desired result
  • What obstacles are in the way to solve their problem and buy


By focusing on these areas, you’ll keep the conversation focused on them wanting and needing a change, rather than making it about you or your product.


Ask the right questions, and systematically dive deeper to help them sell themselves.


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Value Messaging – Our Final Thoughts



Your value messaging strategy is crucial to your sales success, because you need to position yourself correctly in the mind of your potential clients, and secondly – you need to use the right road map to close consistent sales.


Using the right sales process can do both – because you’ll prescribe only after you’ve learnt enough about their current situation, to provide value on how you’ll help them achieve what they need.



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