Sales Tactics – 5 x That Still Work Effectively

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Sales Tactics – 5 x That Still Work Effectively

Although there are so many publicized sales tactics out there; in this article, we’ll discuss five proven and effective sales tactics that still stand the test of time.


Sales tactics can dramatically increase your revenue when you practice them consistently.


Read on to learn how you can implement them into your day to day sales activities.



Sales Tactics – 5 x That Still Work Effectively



What Are Sales Tactics?



Put simply, sales tactics are an action or regular activity that you do to increase sales for your role or business.


A sales strategy is the overall umbrella and vision of what you need to achieve, where a sales tactic is how you’ll achieve what you need to do as a part of your sales strategy.


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Sales Tactic #1 – Identify Decision Makers Early



The first on our list of effective sales tactics, is to identify decision makers as early as possible.


A common mistake Sales Professionals and Business Owners make, is that they engage with ‘potential clients’ – only to learn when it comes to asking for the sale, that the potential client is qualified to make a buying decision.


The reason why you may come across the “I need to speak to” sales objection, is because you’re having sales conversations with people who can’t buy without approval.


Our recommended sales tactic is to always identify as early as possible who are the decision makers, by asking who needs to be involved if they were to go ahead with a buying decision.


By learning this, you can then involve them in the sales process as early as possible, so that you can avoid time delay, and present your offer to people who can make a buying decision.


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Sales Tactic #2 – Handle Objections Early



One of the sales tactics we teach our students in our online sales course, The 5% Sales Blueprint – is that they should always handle objections early.


By handling objections early, you don’t have to worry about them coming up later.


The way we do this; is by using a sales tactic called an intent statement.


Also known as a pre-frame, an intent statement delivers your expectations for the sales conversation.


This not only positions you as a trusted advisor, but it also handles three crucial areas.


The first; is that you get permission to ask deep diving questions. Let them know you’ll be asking questions, because you want to know if you can actually serve their needs.


Secondly – you can handle two common objections.


These are the ‘I need to speak to’ , and the ‘I need to think about it’ objection.


To learn how to use the intent statement as one of your sales tactics in more detail, read the linked article directly below.


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#3 – Use A Proven Roadmap: Our Most Important Sales Tactics Tip



A very common mistake made my Sales Professionals and Business Owners, is that they don’t use a consistent process to close sales.


They conduct their sales conversations one way, and then on another day they’ll use a completely different approach.


This inconsistent activity, results in inconsistent results.


The best way to ensure you have consistent results, as well as one of our most recommended sales tactics, is to use a sales process to guide you with your sales conversations.


Our own prescribed sales process consists of the following steps to ensure effective results:


  • Building rapport and qualifying
  • Using an intent statement
  • Asking questions to find pain
  • Learn their desires
  • Handling money
  • Prescribing your solution
  • Asking for the sale
  • Handling objections


If you’d like to learn how to exactly put this into place with consistency, read the linked article directly below.


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Sales Tactic #4 – Get To The Truth



An often-overlooked aspect of selling, is that Sales Professionals and Business Owners keep their sales conversations quite surface level.


They ask their potential clients sales probing questions and take what they respond with at face value.


Most of the time, these responses are purely logical.


The problem with this, is that people buy for emotional reasons.


If we don’t get to the emotional drivers behind why a person wants a solution, we don’t get to the truth of why they’re really wanting to take action.


One of our important sales tactics, is you should always learn both the emotional drivers behind why they’re feeling pain and discomfort with their current situation, and the emotional reasons behind why they want an outcome, or their desires.


This sales tactic is important because when you get people to expand on their emotional reasons, you get them to express the truth behind why they’re meeting with you.


It’s also one of our favourite sales tactics, because by using this technique – you help people sell themselves on the need of an outcome.


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Sales Tactic #5 – Prescribe



The last on our list of effective sales tactics isn’t any less useful. In fact, it’s more important to use now then ever.


When you’re presenting your solution, always prescribe your offer, by bridging the gap from where they are, to where they want to be by investing in your product or service.


A very common mistake Sales Professionals and Business Owners make, is that they present way too early – making the conversation about them and what they’re selling.


This robs them of the opportunity to prescribe their offer, and also positions you as a commodity.


By prescribing your offer, you create meaning behind why someone should buy from you.


It gives them tangible reasons as to why they want to buy, rather than keeping the conversation looking like a show and tell charade.


Always prescribe your offer, versus just presenting it.


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