Weekly Sales Tip – People Don’t Buy Your Product Or Service

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Weekly Sales Tip – People Don’t Buy Your Product Or Service

One of the quickest, yet most impactful changes a person can make when they’re selling a product or service, is to realise that their potential client in fact doesn’t care about what your product or service is.


A house.


A car.


Your coaching service.


Perhaps a small loan or insurance.


Either way, your potential client doesn’t care.


What in fact they do care about however, is what the benefit or solution of that product will mean to them and their own, personal circumstances.


Notice my emphasis on the word mean. The reason for this, is because so many people also try and sell the benefit or solution, however if the potential client doesn’t understand what this will mean to them in regards to helping them from where they’re currently at to where they want to be, or how it actually alleviates the problem or issue they’re currently facing, then you haven’t done your job properly with educating them about your product or service.


I’ve created a quick video which is the first of many weekly sales tips I’ll be creating and publishing which goes into this in more detail.


Watch, and then share with your friends and A-Team!


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Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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