4 x Negotiation Strategies And Tactics To Win More Sales

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negotiation strategies and tactics

4 x Negotiation Strategies And Tactics To Win More Sales

An important ingredient in your successful sales recipe playbook, is having the ability to negotiate with your prospects.


In this article, we’re going to look at some negotiation strategies and tactics to help you win more sales.


Prior to going into the detail, there is a fundamental principle we’ll have to cover first.



4 x Negotiation Strategies And Tactics To Win More Sales



What To Know Before Your Negotiation Strategies & Tactics



Prior to learning an executing what you’re about to read, it’s important to know that for a negotiation to truly work – that both parties need to win.


The deal needs to work for both of you because it’ll not only ensure you both walk away with a successful outcome, but it also creates an opportunity to start a new and long relationship with your new client.


If you win the negotiation and they end up with a raw deal, they’re not going to refer the opportunity of your product or service to other related businesses.


This can mean you end up winning short term but lose long term with referral clients.


Secondly, your new client may buy from you again and again, depending on your product or service.


Ensuring you both win, will create an opportunity for your client to become a repeat buyer.



Negotiation Strategies And Tactics #1



The first step of successfully negotiating, is gently taking control of the sales process and conversation.


In The 5% Sales Blueprint, we teach a step called The Pre-Frame.


A pre-frame is a step by step guide on how to let your potential clients know that you want to ensure the decision makers are present, that you will be asking lots of questions, and that if they are in fact the right fit – you will let them know about your offer (product or service).


What this does, is prevents objections from coming up later and helps you prior to the presentation phase.


Using this tactic up front prevents a lot of the hard negotiation later down the track.


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Negotiation Strategies And Tactics #2



Most probably one of the more important things you can learn in sales, is to use a process that helps them sell themselves, rather than you do the hard selling.


Excellent Sales Professionals are masters at asking open – ended questions which help people sell themselves, rather than presenting too early and hoping that something sticks that they’re interested in.


Below is a related article we wrote in, that speaks to the dangers of presenting too early.


Instead, use a process that asks deep diving questions that leads a person towards a sale; rather than presenting too early and not establishing enough trust and value in your product or service.


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Negotiation Strategies And Tactics #3



Using non-verbal modalities when speaking with your prospect is a powerful way to build rapport and negotiate with your potential clients.


When communicating with your prospects, our words count for 7% of our persuasion, our tonality 38%, and body language 55%.


If you’re negotiating by email or via text, you’re potentially losing a lot of communication potential in your negotiating process.


Using the phone or Skype can help you perform a lot better, because it gives you the opportunity to use the other mediums mentioned more effectively.


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Last But Not Least – #4



Last and definitely not least, is the importance of being certain with your presentation.


If you present your product or service in a way that doesn’t link back to their pain points and desirable outcomes, you’re not going to be certain that you can in fact serve your prospect.


If you know you can serve them well, and by asking the right questions and have established that your product or service does in fact heal their current issues – then you should have no problem presenting in a way that demonstrates this.


Being certain is important because your prospect will see and feel this, which will also make them feel certain about your product or service.


If you present sheepishly or uncertainly – your prospect will feel this and feel insecure about making a buying decision.



Final Thoughts



These four strategies and tactics are a small yet effective guide in helping you increase your negotiation skills.


Are there anymore that you find works well in your sales efforts?


If so, feel free to share them in the comments.



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