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The 4 Types Of Buyers – And Why It is Important To Know

The 5% Institute5 Percent The 4 Types Of Buyers – And Why It is Important To Know
The 4 Types Of Buyers

The 4 Types Of Buyers – And Why It is Important To Know

One of the key mistakes I regularly see with salespeople (that can easily be fixed may I add), is that they treat each potential customer the same.


Their approach is the same.


They think most people are the same.


However, deep down we know that each customer has their own unique story, and preferably should be treated as unique individuals.


In saying that, fortunately all our potential customers do generally fall into one of four different categories.


I call these, The 4 Types Of Buyers.


The reason this is important to know, is by approaching these 4 types of buyers in a way in which they like to be presented, you’ll have a much higher rate of building rapport, and being able to close the sale.


Remember – Rapport is Key.


Why you ask?


Because people like people who are like them, and people like people who they want to be like. 



The 4 Types Of Buyers:


  • The Analytical Buyer
  • The Warm/ Relationship Buyer
  • The Driver Buyer
  • The ‘Meaningful’ Buyer



The Analytical Buyer:


The analytical buyer likes charts, statistics, facts and data. They have an attention to detail, and strive towards perfectionism. They enjoy criticizing and breaking down a product, and generally take a while to make a decision.


In your presentation, you should:


  • Demonstrate the accuracy of your service/ product
  • Provide data, statistics, testimonials, and case studies proving what you are saying is in fact correct
  • Clarify what you say
  • Discuss how your service/ product works
  • Don’t get too comfy, and stay professional



The Warm/ Relationship Buyer:


The warm/ relationship focused buyer enjoys pleasing others. They’re very friendly, and generally will enjoy some basic chit-chat prior to talking business. Due to their motivation of wanting keep others happy, they generally don’t like to make big decisions without consulting others.


In your presentation, you should:


  • Remember rapport is key, and establish this as a priority first
  • Present in stages, and don’t jump ahead to other areas sporadically
  • Demonstrate how your service/ product will help the people around them
  • Carefully listen to their needs, and agree often



The Driver Buyer:


The driver buyer, is a person who likes to lead, or ‘drive’ momentum, and is very results focused and oriented. Their motivation is to be respected by others, and they enjoy being in a position of power. They’re not so focused on relationships, but rather the benefit and solution of your service/ product. They enjoy making prompt decisions. With the driver buyer, they want you to get straight to the point, however follow their lead. They’re interesting, as you need to be lead, but at the same time not come across as spineless or as a pushover- this will automatically break rapport.


In your presentation, make sure you:


  • Stay brief and concise
  • Share facts, stats and data, however don’t dwell on long answers
  • Give them a list of options, so they feel in control and can continue leading their decision
  • Focus on the benefits and results, rather than the details of the product itself



The ‘Meaningful’ Buyer:


Much like the warm/ relationship buyer, the meaningful buyer needs to feel strong rapport prior to buying. They generally lack long term attention, and despise the details and data. They’re very people focused, and have a strong desire of wanting to be liked, needed, and feel like they’re an important contribution to the people around them.


In your presentation, make sure you:


  • Spend time building rapport, so that they feel comfortable talking business
  • Demonstrate how your service/ product will help them build their relationship with the people around them
  • Use testimonials and case studies
  • Be engaging, and keep the conversation ‘light’
  • Don’t dwell too much on the deep data and details about your service/ product



In conclusion, reflect on the people around you, and work out which of your potential customers that you may know of, and your family and friends, fit into each of these categories. The more quickly you are able to identify the kind of buyer you’re dealing with, the faster you’ll be able to build rapport, execute efficiently, and properly serve your potential customer the way they want to be served.



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Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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