3 Sales Techniques That’ll Help You Close More Sales In No Time!

The 5% InstituteClosing 3 Sales Techniques That’ll Help You Close More Sales In No Time!
Andrew Warley

3 Sales Techniques That’ll Help You Close More Sales In No Time!

When training my new students, I am often asked are what are some sales techniques that they can implement into their conversations almost straight away when they are directly speaking with prospective clients.



The techniques they’re after are small, yet powerful – game changing type techniques that I want to share with you today.



Take note of these three, and implement them into your sales process too.




1 – Bring Pain To The Forefront



People buy for two reasons.



They want to move away from pain, and move towards pleasure.



In saying that, moving away from pain is a lot more of a powerful emotion to enact action, in comparison to gaining pleasure. For example, people are a lot more willing to procrastinate, than move towards their goals with their own drive. People are willing to hold money and not risk spending, than spend or invest money and maybe come out on top/ with a win.



When conversing with your potential clients, the way that you bring up pain is by asking a number of questions that’ll help them recognise that they need to take action, and by not talking action they’re going to suffer the same issues that they’re most probably dealing with now.



Questions unlock pain; and some of the questions I’ll go through with you below will help you with this:



‘Tell me more about …..?’



‘What about that is creating problems for you right now?’



‘By having that problem, what is that costing you?’ . Another is ‘By having that problem, what is that costing your business?’



‘If you don’t find a solution to that problem/ this issue, what is this going to mean/ what is going to happen?’



Remember, a great Salesperson is someone who can ask excellent questions that lead a person towards understanding why they need a specific solution. Just ensure that your product or service does in fact offer that solution.




2 – Know Your Top 3 Objections, And Bring Them Up First



What are the top three common objections that you keep hearing over and over when speaking with potential clients?



Is it money?






Perhaps checking in with their partner before making a decision?



Bring up some of these objections during the conversation and process before getting towards the decision-making aspect of the process, so that you can squash any potential objections that may pop up towards the end.



A great of doing this is by using stories of other clients of yours who faced some of these challenges, and what they did to overcome them.



Stories are great because we’re all wired in a way to learn from storytelling and metaphors, so freely share them throughout the sales process and conversation.




3 – Don’t Try Hard To ‘Sell Them’



Now many Sales Trainers and Coaches will teach you to close hard, be persistent with the close and break down the features and benefits of your products.



I’m here to call bullshit on that and tell you that if you hear this, run the other way!



The pushy, ‘Always Be Closing’ attitude is dead, and will kill off your sales faster than you can change course.



Instead, I want you to ask great questions that will lead the person to answer questions on an emotionally deeper level, and will guide the potential client to in fact ‘sell themselves’.



Help them recognise the issues with their current situation, and what it’s going to mean if they do nothing. Inaction has consequences, and your job is to ask them questions that will get them to answer to themselves what it is going to mean if they do nothing.



The simple process of taking them down this rabbit hole; to actually think about their problems and them saying it aloud when answering, will make the pain very real. There’s no hiding from it once it’s out in the open.



This will help them sell themselves, rather than you doing the harder work of pushing a sale onto them instead.



If you got value from this small article, I’d love for you to share it with your friends or sales team!


Khabeer Rockley

Khabeer Rockley is a Sales & Business Trainer, and the Founder of The 5% Institute

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